Rhea-Girl + a little getaway + day 1!

Our girls always get sad when we pack for a trip. Rhea stared at me with sad eyes the entire time I packed Wednesday evening. I felt bad. I wish they both could’ve gone with us this time!

When she got tired of staring at me, she attempted to keep me at home by doing this. This girl. She’s something.

I got up early Thursday even though I wanted to keep sleeping. I knew after flying, I would just want to be lazy, so I knocked out a little run before I got ready for the day. Movement always makes me feel better when traveling. I sipped on coffee and wore one of my favorite headbands to celebrate meeting Jake in Colorado in a few hours!

These two were not impressed with my treadmill run. They just wanted breakfast.

I have been working to eat everything in our fridge before we are gone. I had this massive plate of goodness for breakfast – two eggs, toast, avocado, spinach, and chicken sausage.

Flying over snow is gorgeous.

SO happy to be back with my guy! Jake had been in Colorado since Sunday spending time with some of our good friends doing lots of crazy things – climbing mountains, snowboarding, etc. He has had a blast.

I felt super sick after flying and told Jake I was craving a burger, so we grabbed burgers at Bob’s Atomic Burgers and ate them at the Barrels & Bottles brewery in Golden. These burgers were AMAZING.

The brewery also had the most delicious wine slushes. YUM.

We are bouncing around all over CO for the next week, but we got to our first Airbnb and it’s adorable. Jake shoveled the walk for us, then we went to the grocery store so we could cook dinner and relax.

Biggest perk of working remotely…my work can go with me!

We stayed in and cooked our first night. Jake made tortellini with a turkey sausage and mushroom sauce, garlic bread, and salad.

This was delicious. Plus, our Airbnb has Sriracha. It’s meant to be!

How cute is the place we are staying in for the next few days?

Happy Birthday to my beautiful mother-in-love!! Penny, you are one of the kindest, most hard-working, sweetest women I know. I lucked out in the in-law department, that’s for sure! Thank you for being you and for raising the man of my dreams. I love you!

Happy Friday, friends!

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