My dang foot + a discount code for you! + I finally got up early!

Breakfast before the gym Monday morning. I love waffle. And egg casserole. And basically all food…

Sometimes you just need to lounge in your jammies while you work. I worked a little Monday morning before going to the gym. I have been working on getting back to my normal sleep schedule, so I got up at 7 (I’ve been sleeping in until 8/9 lately) and worked on the computer until my workout class.

It felt SO good to be back at the gym. I had missed it. I was starving when I got home, so I scarfed down lunch before a meeting. Pineapple chicken topped with Pepper Jack cheese and butternut squash and broccoli on the side. Mmm.

I love being in my office. I had multiple meetings yesterday, so I tried to squeeze in as much work as possible in-between each one.

Beer bread and honey make the best snack.

My last meeting got over at 4PM, so the second it was over, I changed into my riding stuff and hopped on my bike. I couldn’t find my sunnies, so I stole Jake’s PBR Goodrs. They’re so fun.

I hadn’t been on my bike in WAY too long. Since my foot was a little sore, I chose to ride over run yesterday. It felt so good! I had missed riding. I’m so glad the weather is getting warmer. I see a lot more bike rides in my future.

If you like Nuun or have been wanting to try it, here’s a discount code for you! You can shop Nuun HERE – the code is teamnuunlovesyou and is good until 3/7. The code gets you 25% off!

Dinner after my ride was all these delicious leftovers. A burger patty on lots of red leaf lettuce and topped with all kinds of goodness, avocado, and fries.

I think a big part of my foot issue is not stretching enough. I have zero flexibility. I am going to start setting a timer for 20 minutes and stretching every night. I think it will help a lot. Last night was my first night. I just stretched while I watched Netflix – win-win.

I finally got up early!!! And man, did it feel good. Although, now I feel like I need a little nap…HA! Since I’ve been struggling to get up early, Kayla had us start our run from my house to make sure I was up. She gets me. I actually woke up a few minutes before my alarm, so I guess I was excited to run with my girls this morning. We knocked out 6 miles and my foot felt great the whole time – thank goodness!

Breakfast post-run – egg casserole and an English muffin. This was gone in about 2 minutes…anyone else get sad when their food is gone? I do!

Long story short: we found out a few weeks ago that the person that hit me in January ended up having insurance on the car that he was driving. I called to check on everything yesterday and we were told that the insurance company had accepted all liability (thank you, Jesus!). So that is great news. When the accident first happened, we were told he didn’t have insurance, which was a real bummer. We are thankful that ended up not being true. We will see what happens from here. I am just SO happy to have my car back!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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