So sore + she makes stretching difficult + another little house project!

I made another egg casserole this week because they are so easy to heat up in the morning. This one has 24 eggs, a splash of almond milk, mozzarella cheese, hashbrowns and root veggies as the crust (there’s a frozen one at Mama Jean’s that I LOVE), vegan breakfast sausage, and lots of green and orange peppers. MMM.

I got this text from my Mom yesterday morning. Eleanor loves to look at pictures of people. I guess my Mom was showing her pictures of me and Jake yesterday and she kept squealing. She’s the best little girl! I cannot believe she turns TWO next week…

I went to the gym in the morning yesterday. I hit a PR for back squat – I lifted 125 pounds! I only did 5 and it was hard, but it felt good to push myself a little. I am also SO sore now…After the gym, I had lunch. It was more pineapple chicken with pepper Jack cheese on top and some butternut squash and broccoli. I had a working lunch since I spent almost the entire day on the computer yesterday. It felt good to knock out a bunch of work.

Beer bread and honey as a snack. We are almost all the way through this loaf…I need to make another one!

I had really bad cramps yesterday, so I moved my work into our bedroom so I could lounge and use my heating pad. The girls followed me in there.

Just doing a training with my furry sidekick. I worked until about 6PM then called it quits for the day.

This dinner was crazy simple, but super delicious. Jake has been wanting to limit his meat intake a little, so we have been experimenting with different things. I love veggies, but don’t only want to eat them, so we compromise on a lot of our meals, or I will cook a meat separately and just add it to my food. Last night we had Beyond Meat hot Italian links (they are AMAZING) on top of brown Jasmine rice with a salad on the side. This meal was outstanding and maybe took me 10 minutes to throw together. Healthy doesn’t have to be complicated or take forever. I made a big batch of rice on Sunday for us to eat on this week. It’s so easy to throw veggies on top of rice and chow down. I always keep salad stuff in the fridge, too. If it’s already chopped, I’ll use it. Sometimes by the time dinner rolls around, I don’t feel like cooking or chopping. Little things like that help so much. 10/10 recommend this meal.

I got in my 20 minutes of stretching last night. Rhea made the last 5 minutes a little difficult since she plopped down in my lap, but I am determined to stick to my stretching goals.

Jake spent most of the day finishing the framing for the sliding glass door we have ordered for this opening. I’m so thankful he can do all this kind of work and that he has people he can get answers from when he has questions. I was so impressed with everything he did.

Jake did the rest of this by himself. All I did was help hold the top part so he could attach it to the rest. We are ready to knock out a few more projects. I think hanging some lights and our fan in our living room is next, plus finishing this dining room. My Dad is going to make our table for us, which is going to be incredible. We had originally planned to start on our bathrooms this month, but since we decided to take a little trip (which was SO needed), we are going to push them back a month. I told Jake it’s nice living here now. Nothing needs to be rushed. We have everything we need and can tackle projects when we want to. We also want to paint our doors so we can get them hung back up.

I have some work to do, then Jake and I are off to run. It is BEAUTIFUL outside.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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