Making time + a crazy day/week + good friends!

This Mexican breakfast casserole is delicious! And very filling. It was super easy to make – eggs, cheese, bell peppers, hash browns, and vegan breakfast sausage.

My day ended up being super crazy yesterday, but I was CRAVING some trail miles. I didn’t have time to drive anywhere for a run, but Jake suggested we run over to the Lone Pine Bike Park and do a couple loops. It was perfect. The loop is a mile long and so pretty. It’s right in-between Lone Pine and the Galloway trail. You have to really look for it or you’d never know it was there. No one else was on it, so Rhea got to practice being off leash. She did so well and ran right behind Jake the whole time.

Trail miles, sunshine, and warm weather – yes, please.

We had a quick lunch after our run then I got back to work. Lunch was a Caesar salad topped with a Beyond Meat hot Italian link. Delicious and simple.

Our friends, Chris and Brittany, came over for dinner last night. Jake made his famous BBQ chicken on the grill (it was amazing) and Britt brought BBQ beans, which I was SO excited about. Look at this massive plate of goodness. I couldn’t eat all of it, but everything was so tasty.

Jake’s parents brought over a bunch of Andy’s ice cream the other night, so we all enjoyed a bowl (or two) after sitting around a little bonfire after dinner. It was such a fun night!

Trail Sisters Springfield will have it’s March run on Saturday, March 27th at 8AM. We will meet at Two Rivers Bike Park and run for one hour. We stop at all intersections and regroup, so no one ever gets left behind. Hope to see you there, ladies!

I am off to run and then hit up the gym. I couldn’t sleep last night. I think I finally fell asleep around 2:30 or so. No clue why! But I knew I wasn’t going to wake up to my 4AM alarm. I hate not being able to sleep. Tonight will be better!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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