My next research project + going through closets + a little IVF update!

Lunch yesterday was a cheese roll-up (a favorite), and some leftover beans and potato salad. It wasn’t very pretty, but it was super delicious.

I have been working on my next research proposal for the past few weeks. I FINALLY finished and submitted it yesterday. I think one of the most difficult parts of being a new faculty member for me is publishing and research, which is also one of the most important parts. HA! I love writing and conducting research, but I have to find a balance between that, the teaching, and all the other service I’m doing. I guess that’s what your first year is for, huh? Anyway, I am super excited about my next research project. I know I’ll have some revisions to my IRB (Institutional Review Board) application, which is what all research projects through a university must go through for approval, but at least I got the project submitted. Happy dance.

After submitting everything, I had my annual review meeting with the director of my program. I had good scores, which made me happy. After that meeting, I took a much needed cuddle break with Lu.

Jake and I have been slowly trying to purge our closets. We have a pretty big pile of items to donate or sell. Now to get some of these things posted online…

One of the few times Rhea actually came inside yesterday. I’ve never seen a dog love being outside quite like she does.

I was feeling lazy about dinner, so I grabbed a frozen pizza from the freezer. It was okay! I’d give it maybe 7/10. I know it’s difficult to keep veggies from getting mushy in the freezer, but the mushrooms on this were super soggy. The flavor was great, though!

A big ole plate of pizza and salad while watching Netflix. I went to bed at 7:30PM last night. I didn’t fall asleep until around 2:30 AM Wednesday night, so I was struggling to stay up until 7:30. I ended up sleeping about 11 hours again, ha! Now I just hope I’m able to sleep tonight…

Here’s a little update on our IVF journey – click HERE. I have *hopefully* the last of my painful procedures coming up! Another happy dance.

Happy Friday, friends!

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