Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend was full of running, riding, and all the good food – my favorite kind of weekend! Jake picked up doubles Saturday and Sunday, so he worked from 8AM until midnight both nights. I don’t know how he does it. He is able to swing by the house to grab food, so I get to see him then. I always let the girls out the front door once he gets out of his work truck. They lose their minds running up to him. It’s adorable. Okay, let’s rewind to Friday – I can’t remember if I ate before or after the gym, but I had eggs, bacon, and an English muffin.

Kayla is off on Fridays, so she meets me at the gym during my normal time. I always love when she joins! When she first came, everyone asked if we were sisters. We do kind of look alike! We had arm day on Friday, so we had to show off how swole we were. ; ) I did hit two PRS this week – one in back squat and one in deadlifts. I’ll take it! I was also so dang sore most of the week…

I had ALL the meetings Friday after the gym. I cleaned some jewelry in-between a meeting. This is the best at-home jewelry cleaner – 1/2 cup water and a few drops of dish soap warmed up for a minute in the microwave. Then add in a little Windex and let sit for 30 minutes. So much nasty comes off your jewelry!

I had lunch during one of my meetings – leftover BBQ chicken and veggies.

My Mom got me these earrings for Valentine’s Day and I finally got to wear them. Kayla and I usually go to dinner on Fridays together when we are both in town. My parents ended up meeting us this week and it was so fun!

We went to Galloway and I had the tuna steak sandwich, which I hadn’t ordered in forever. It was just as delicious as I remembered.

Since it was warmer out, we sat on the patio for dinner. I am SO ready for more patio weather!


I was sending a selfie to my sister for my niece (she screams when she sees my pictures and I love it), but these two thought I was taking their picture. It was hilarious. I, of course, had to take their picture after they posed during my selfie to Eleanor. HA!

I took two days off to see if my foot would go back to normal. I woke up Saturday to just a little pain, so I decided to go for a long run and see how it did – it’s a weird pain that comes and goes, so I don’t think it’s an injury. I’ve also had it looked at and there’s nothing alarming, so I’m going to keep doing what I do and just go from there. Sometimes you just need coffee AND pre-workout to get yourself going.

12 miles in the sunshine with Kayla and Rhea! Here’s our attempt at including Rhea in the picture. She didn’t care.

My foot a was a little sore when we started, so I told Kayla I’d just see what I could do. Well, my foot never hurt again and it didn’t hurt after, so who knows! Like I said, it’s a weird occasional pain that I get. I’m just going to keep giving it some time and see what it does. Lunch after our run was my leftovers from Galloway, plus some BBQ baked beans and bacon. YUM.

That run kicked my tush, so I crawled into bed with my girls for a little nap. Also, this is how Rhea sleeps every night from about 2AM until I get up to my alarm. Before 2AM, she won’t get into our bed. I think she’s waiting for Jake to get home( (when he works until midnight). She’s goofy.

When you go grocery shopping after a long run and you’re starving…pot stickers and pizza rolls. HA!

Pro tip – cook your pizza rolls in an Air Fryer. WOW. So delicious. This is the whole bag, too.

I had a salad on the side to balance things out, but I ate my body weight in pizza rolls Saturday night.

We spent the rest of Saturday on the couch. It was wonderful.

How precious is this little gremlin? Haha! This was from her first birthday party last year. She will be TWO on Tuesday. I can’t believe it! (Piper said I can share older pictures of her now!) Eleanor, you’re my tiniest best friend and I love you SO much!

Breakfast on Sunday – eggs, sausage patty, and toast.

I spent a few hours Sunday morning putting together a handout for a meeting today (Monday). I had a bunch of different little projects I wanted to knock out. I took a little bike ride break in-between working. The sun was shining and it was gorgeous outside, so I wanted to get out and enjoy that. I did a quick 15 mile bike ride. It felt good to move after sitting all morning.

Lunch was more salad and pizza rolls. Jake came by and picked up this same thing for lunch, too. Between the two of us, we ate an entire bag of pizza rolls in two days. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but they were delicious.

I did a little meal prep Sunday afternoon. We had some bananas that were going bad, so I made two loaves of banana bread. I sprinkled the tops of these with brown sugar so they’d be a little crunchy. YUM. I followed THIS recipe.

I LOVE these chips. We aren’t grain-free (obviously), but I love then texture and flavor of Siete chips. They were on sale this week at Mama Jean’s, so I couldn’t pass them up. I used these to make nachos Sunday night and it was maybe my best decision ever.

Siete chips topped with chickpeas (cooked with Mexican seasoning), shrimp (cooked in ghee, garlic, and turmeric), cheese, and jalps. So. Dang. Good.

My parents stopped by to bring over the new hat rack that my Dad made for me. Lu was so excited to see them. She immediately passed out the second they left.

These aren’t the best pictures, but how gorgeous is that hat rack?! I am obsessed. Now my hats aren’t smooshed in my closet.

Thank you, Dad!!! You’re the best.

I didn’t like the pineapple Michelob seltzer, so I was iffy on trying this one because I’m weird about cucumber sometimes. Holy yum – this was delicious! I will 100% buy this seltzer again. It was SO refreshing.

I am off to run, hit up the gym, then get started on my day with some meeeeeetings. Two of my classes for the semester end on Wednesday of this week and a new one starts next Monday, so I’ll be frantically grading the two that end this week. I love that we offer 7.5 week courses. Our students really seem to enjoy them, too. After this spring semester, I will have completed my first full year at UALR and will have taught a total of 10 courses there! That’s crazy to think about. I love my job. SO much.

Happy Monday, friends!

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