Still the best way for me to manage productivity + a workout run + it’s the best girl’s birthday!!

I got 4 miles in before leg day at the gym Monday morning. It was so nice to run and enjoy the gorgeous weather.

Breakfast after my run and lifting consisted of steel cut oats with PB and brown sugar, eggs, and a sausage patty. This hit the spot!

Still planning my days out by the hour. This is the only way I can be productive every day. I left some open spots for writing this week. I need to get another manuscript written…

Lunch was the most delicious burrito. A Stacy’s tortilla (our favorite) with chickpeas, shrimp, cheese, lettuce, and salsa. MMM. I am loving the chickpea/shrimp combo right now.

I FaceTimed with my best girl (Mom, you’re my best girl, too) in-between two meetings yesterday. Eleanor kept blowing me kisses. She’s the best.

Nothing sounded good for dinner. I grabbed some random things and hoped for the best. I created something that I think we will make a lot more often! I heated up canned green beans and canned chicken, then mixed them with some brown rice and topped everything with garlic coconut aminos and goat cheese. WOWZA. It was delicious. So simple and easy, but super filling and SO good.

I also had some beer bread with honey on the side for good measure.

I am trying to follow macros a little bit more closely. Yesterday was a pretty good day! I am not super strict with them, obviously, but I do feel better fueled when I am closer to hitting these goals.

A beer even fit into my macros/calories for the day. Heck yes! I worked until about 7PM, so by that time my brain was fried and I was ready to relax on the couch.

Getting up at 4AM is difficult. We get it, Lulu. Lu always has the best bed head. I couldn’t stop laughing at her this morning.

I met these hoodlums for a little workout run this morning. We were having a hard time posing for a picture that wasn’t a selfie…

We decided a selfie was a better choice. SO thankful for girls that push and inspire me. Our running group is the best support system. <3

My goal was 8 miles today, with a 2 mile warm-up, 4 miles somewhere between 8:15 and 8:30, then a 2 mile cool-down. I had a hard time the last faster mile (mile 6). I just couldn’t get my legs to go any faster. They were starting to get sore from leg day Monday at the gym. Now I need to do ALL the stretching. ALL of it!

Breakfast this morning – a veggie patty, steel cut oats, and eggs. It’s crazy what you can accomplish when you get up at 4AM. I have already unloaded the dishwasher, done two loads of laundry, fed the dogs, responded to some emails, and gotten my blog up, all before 8:30, HA! I need to remind myself of that when I don’t feel like getting up in the mornings…

Eleanor (our niece) is TWO today!!!! I can’t believe it. (I got permission from my sister to share this picture – they don’t want her face shared on social media, but this is an old picture). Being this girl’s aunt is my favorite. Eleanor is the funniest, smartest, most beautiful girl I know. No one blows better kisses or has a better laugh.

She was so little. My heart. The day she was born I got to spend a few hours with her and my sister in the hospital, just the three of us. It was so special. I’m not sure if Piper even remembers it, she was so worn out, but it meant so much to me.

We are also honored to be Eleanor’s Godparents, which means the world to us. Getting to watch this girl grow up is a highlight of our lives. Uncle Jake and Aunt Chelsea “Cheese” love you SO much, E!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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