Celebrating Eleanor + two days in a row! + all the trainings…

I got this text from my sister yesterday and could not stop laughing. I guess there was a lady with big curly hair like mine at the same play place as my niece yesterday. My sister thinks my niece thought it was me because Eleanor kept following the lady around. HA! This made me laugh so hard. Piper said eventually Eleanor looked at her face, shook her head, and ran back over to Piper. This kid…

The burritos I’ve been having for lunch this week are SO delicious. Chickpeas, shrimp, cheese, and red leaf lettuce. YUM. I love chickpeas on basically anything…

I had a busy day yesterday, so I worked on things until we went to my parents’ for dinner to celebrate Eleanor’s birthday. We ordered ALL the Chinese food for dinner. I ordered the wrong thing on accident, which was a bummer, but the crab rangoon were DELICIOUS. They’re my weakness.

I found this super cute sprinkle wrapping paper at Target and had to get it for Eleanor’s presents. My Mom also found all these fun photo props. Eleanor loved them.

She did NOT love that birthday cake hat…sorry, Uncle Jake.

Eleanor was so excited about her ice cream cake. She also loved having all of us sing to her. I think she opened 15 presents last night. She’s only slightly spoiled, as she should be! She’s the best.

Well, friends, I did it. I got up TWO mornings in a row at 4AM. I don’t know how I used to do this five days a week…that doesn’t seem real. I accidentally wore all the blue things this morning, too. I should’ve been in shorts and a t-shirt for our run today. It was 55 degrees when we started! We had 14MPH winds, so I thought it might be a little chilly. I was wrong. I got pretty toasty after about half a mile.

I love that Rhea is looking the wrong way in this picture…HA! I guess she’s boycotting pictures. I don’t blame her. Four miles with these babes to jumpstart my day.

I have a super crazy day today, but things should slow back down tomorrow (fingers crossed). I have a three hour training this morning, then a few meetings. Today is also the last official day of two of my classes, so I want to get a jumpstart on grading so I can submit final grades. Spring break is in a week and a half, so I’m sure things will be a little crazy between then and now. That’s okay, though – I work best when I’m busy. I seem to procrastinate a little more if I have too much free time.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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