X-ray + my grad students are the best + girls’ night!

I wasn’t feeling eggs Thursday morning, so I skipped them and just had oats with PB, brown sugar, and a turkey sausage patty. This hit the spot before the gym.

After the gym, I headed to get an X-Ray on my dang foot. I’ve been having some strange super inconsistent pain that completely goes away when I run (WEIRD). I took some reading for my next class with me so I wouldn’t just be sitting around wasting time. I think the whole process took about 90 minutes, so it wasn’t too bad. The X-Ray itself took maybe 3 minutes. Now to get the report back and see what’s up.

I graded like a mad woman yesterday. I got ALL of the finals graded for my two classes. I think it took about 5 hours, but it felt good to knock that out. I was also really impressed with most of the work that was turned in – which is all any educator wants! Lu and Rhea didn’t really care about anything other than their naps…

One of my grad students turned in this poem as a reflection of his final group project. It’s awesome! Everyone had to turn in three different reflections written in different genres. I wish I could share all of them. It was a fun project and they all did a great job.

Grading took a little longer than I had planned, so I walked a mile and ran a mile just to get some movement in, but that was all I had time for.

After a little treadmill time, I got ready for girls’ night. I love this tank from Jake’s Momma. It says, “If you’re going to be salty, bring the tequila”.

Cesar’s for girls’ night? Yes, please!! I love the sangria at Cesar’s. It’s amazing. I ordered a So-Pusa and it was out of this world. It’s a pupusa with all the toppings of a sope. One of my favorite things on their menu.

Sometimes we put on make-up, wear real clothes, and aren’t running. Here’s proof. We had the best time together laughing and being entirely too loud. We already have our next girls’ night on the calendar. We need to be doing this WAY more often.

Jake was at work when I got home and someone went to his side of the bed and plopped down. I think she was missing her Dad.

Happy Friday, friends!

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