I survived + the best seafood seasoning…hands-down + done before 7AM!

I survived my all day conference yesterday. Barely. I am thankful most of it just required me to listen because I was able to wear my AirPods and do a few things around the house while listening to all of the presentations. I was in the conference from 9AM until about 5:30ish (PM). It definitely made for a long day. Now to get caught up on the work I didn’t do yesterday…no matter what, I was SO glad I was able to do everything from home yesterday. Have I mentioned that I love working from home? ; ) Breakfast during the conference was steel cuts oats with brown sugar and peanut butter, plus a chicken sausage patty that had been inhaled prior to this picture.

Jake took both girls on a run when he got up. They were so excited when they realized what was happening. He’s brave to take them at the same time…I’ve only done that a handful of times. As long as Lu is in front, it’s okay. Luckily, Rhea doesn’t seem to mind, so it all works out.

Lunch was another chicken Caesar salad with avocado and some tortilla chips on the side.

The prettiest salad. This salad has been so delicious this week.

Okay, friends, I think I’ve shared this seasoning before, but I have used it for years. Sometimes when it runs out, I will try something new, but I always come back to it. It’s just that good. All clean ingredients, the best taste, and is good on ALL fish. I finally got smart and ordered the big package since we go through it so quickly. I love this stuff.

Click the below picture to try the seasoning in a bottle. It’s our favorite.

This picture takes you to the resealable bag, which is equivalent to three bottles. I ordered it this time around. It’s a better deal – you essentially get an entire bottle for free. The company that makes this is called Primal Palate – they have lots of other good seasonings, too. We have tried the jerk, steak, taco, and garlic and herb seasonings. They’re all delicious! The seafood is definitely my favorite, though.

Jake played golf with a friend yesterday, so I met them, his friend’s fiancè, and Jake’s parents for dinner when my conference was over. I am not a huge cashew chicken fan, but Millwood has some of the best, so I ordered that for dinner. I love that it comes with egg rolls, too.

This was Rhea at 4:30AM this morning…I get it, girl. I get it. You’re excited to run, but also don’t want to wake up.

6 miles with Kayla and Becca, followed by arm day at the gym. The girls met me to run from the gym so I could hit up a class right after our run. I missed yesterday since I had that conference and I have a meeting today during the time I usually go, so I went to an earlier class. It sure felt good to get both my run and workout in before 7AM! I loved going to the earlier class, but I definitely missed the ladies in my normal class. They’re some of the best people and I look forward to seeing them every day. I am thankful AYB offers so many class times. It makes it easy to get a workout in!

It’s supposed to storm all day today. Anyone else get excited about storms? As long as I don’t have any plans or need to be anywhere, I LOVE a good storm. Since my run AND the gym are both out of the way, I’ll be home the rest of the day. I’m ready to cozy up, get some work done, and watch the storm. It just started thundering, so both of our girls are staying close. They don’t like storms. Or loud noises. Or trash bags…they’re weird.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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