Update: a nap did happen + green beer + the best delivery gals!

This breakfast is still going strong. I hope I’m not sick of steel cut oats after having this every day for multiple weeks…

I spent the morning on my computer. I opted for working from the couch yesterday, which was nice. I prefer my office, but the couch is nice if I’m going to lounge and work.

We ran out of lettuce, so I threw all the chicken Caesar goodness on a wrap instead of making a salad. YUM.

A nap definitely happened after lunch. I was worn out from the morning, so a 30 minute nap was just what I needed.

This dinner was awesome. And only took 10 minutes. I sautéed one package of frozen broccoli and one package of frozen cauliflower rice with olive oil and coconut aminos. Once that was all cooked, I added in a little mozzarella cheese (maybe half a cup) and let that melt on to everything. In another pan, I cooked two cod filets in olive oil and the best seasoning ever (I shared yesterday), Primal Palate’s seafood seasoning. I put the fish on top of the veggie mixture and chowed down. That’s it! So simple, so easy, and so filling.

I kind of forgot it was St. Patrick’s Day, so I threw on some green and waited for Kayla to pick me up so we could grab a drink to celebrate. Lu slept through all the fun.

Is it even St. Patrick’s Day if you have at least one green beer? I say no.

Jake picked up a shift Wednesday night and was super busy, so he didn’t get his dinner until about 9:30PM. The girls helped me deliver it to him. I’m sure he loved my old pineapple lunchbox…

Only one more day until spring break!! I am super excited. We aren’t doing anything crazy, but I did book a massage. It’s going to be glorious. I will hopefully spend the rest of the week knocking out a manuscript…I plan to write every day. I really need to get some writing accomplished. Hold me accountable! ; )

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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