Thursday happenings + a Friday half + spring break!

Thursday started with a latte – I frothed some hot milk, added in some toffee flavored Trulia drops and enjoyed.

Yesterday was leg day at the gym. I was drenched when I left. I had to throw my hair up about halfway through the workout. I’m sure I scared a few people. ; )

This girl loves her Dad. She especially loves when anyone gets down on the floor to cuddle her.

While this one likes to sit on my lap while I work at my desk. Do you think our girls are spoiled?

Lunches yesterday were burrito bowls – ground chicken, grains, sweet corn, black beans, cheese, and salad. YUM. I love throwing together random things for a bowl. They’re delicious.

I had a hard day yesterday with the estrogen I’m taking for my mock transfer. It kicked my butt. I knew moving a little would make me feel better, but a run was out of the question, so I threw on a webinar for work and walked 3 miles on the treadmill before parking it on the couch for the rest of the night.

Jammies and cereal at 4PM? Yes, please.

Kayla came over and talked me into Taco Bell for dinner…it was delicious, but I very much regretted it during our 13 miles this morning. That’s all I’m going to say about that!

Lu was jealous of Kayla’s food.

I made a new route for us and wrote street names on my hand so I wouldn’t have to pull my phone out. This worked perfectly.

We did our long run today because Kayla is busy Saturday morning and I didn’t run Thursday. It felt good to get a long run in on a Friday! We planned to do 13, but went ahead and knocked out a half since it was just .1 more.

A half under our belts! Now for breakfast before the gym…I’m going to be worn out later!

My spring break begins today at 5PM – WAHOO!! I’m pumped.

Happy Friday, friends!

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