Sleeping in + a delicious lunch + bike rides with my Dad

I turned my alarm off Monday morning. I decided I would get up early Tuesday and Thursday to run, but the other days I was going to sleep in. It IS Spring Break after all. I headed to the gym after breakfast, then knocked out 7 miles in the sunshine before a dentist appointment – my Dad is my dentist and Kayla is one of his hygienists. On top of that, all the best ladies work at my Dad’s office, so I always love going there. I’m sure they loved that I was nice and sweaty after my run…

My Dad took me to lunch after my appointment. We went to St. George’s BBQ and Chris hooked us up, like always! If you’re in Springfield and haven’t been to St. George’s, you are REALLY missing out. Everything is always amazing.

Chris sent each of us home with a slice of pie – chocolate for me and coconut for my Dad. These pies are homemade and out of this world. 11/10 recommend.

When I got back home, I parked it in my office for a little bit to knock out some grading, then I got started sanding some of our doors. We still haven’t put our doors back up on the inside of our house. We have been lazy. We want to paint them, so we are going to start on that this week. I worked to sand and wipe them down so they’re ready to go.

So glad Monday night rides with my Dad are back! We took a break this winter, but it’s nice to have good weather again for rides. My Mom is wanting to get her bike fixed up so she can join us, too.

A little leftover zucchini lasagna and wine after our bike ride.

Yesterday sure was a Monday, huh? I felt the same way, Lu.

My ears are super sensitive to cold and wind. I almost always have some type of covering over them, but if it’s raining, I will wear a hat to keep the water out of my eyes. It ended up not raining this morning, so I ditched my hat, but throwing a Buff over a hat protects your face from the rain AND keeps your ears toasty warm. If my ears get cold, I’m done for. I don’t know why they’re so sensitive, but they’ve always been this way.

Kayla decided this was her new way to take pictures…it’s not her worst decision! ; ) Our run today was tough. I think my legs were toast after lifting, running, and riding yesterday. When I crawled into bed last night, I also realized I was a little low on calories for everything I had done Monday. I could definitely feel all of that on this morning’s run.

If you’ve been wanting Apple AirPods, but don’t want to dump ALL that dough into a pair of headphones, check out these Senso Pods. Senso sent me a pair to try to compare to my AirPods Pro, and they’re pretty nice! They’re definitely not as comfortable as my AirPods, but I also have super small ears, so even my AirPods start to hurt after wearing them for awhile. The sound on these is great. You can also pause and start songs by lightly pressing on the top, outer piece of each pod. The Senso Pods feel a little longer than my Apple AirPods, but that didn’t bother me. They almost felt a little more secure. Overall, I’d give them an 8/10! The price is definitely amazing – these are under $25! Battery life is 8 hours, which is almost double what the AirPods claim to get (4.5 hours on a single charge).

Senso also has this pair, which is under $35 (compared to AirPods, which will set you back about $220), but I think they’d be a little more comfortable than the pair they sent me to try. I like the cushioned ear piece better than the all plastic – I feel the same about my AirPods, too! I hate Apple’s old all plastic headphones. Again, this isn’t the pair they sent me to try, but I think I would’ve liked them even better than the pair above. These are only $10.

I think a nap is calling my name after breakfast…it IS Spring Break, after all…

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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