Exploring Fellows Lake Trail + I love massages + a little date night!

Wednesday morning started the best way – exploring new trail. We loaded up this furry monster and headed to check out the new trails at Fellows Lake. WOW. They are AMAZING. If you haven’t had a chance to get out there and see Phase 1, do it. They’re flowy and the views are incredible. Rhea gives it two paws up.

I love family trail days. We had a blast exploring.

There are trees everywhere. In some sections, you feel like you’re running through a forest. We parked at Gate 1 and started there. I think the entrance to the trail at Gate 1 is my favorite part of this first phase. There are tons of pines right as you enter and it’s breathtaking. I have some pictures of them further down the blog.

I loved this bridge, too. There are beautiful rocks on either side of it that just make everything look so cool.

There’s always that one family member that ruins family photos. It’s usually Rhea. ; )

These two are besties. Rhea-girl was living her best life on the trail.

This is the entrance at Gate 1 I was talking about. How gorgeous is that? I should’ve snapped more pictures here.

She passed out the second we got back in the car.

We grabbed a quick lunch at Galloway – their BLT was calling our names, then I crawled into bed to knock out some work. I also had the most delicious snack of Wheat Thins and raspberries. I LOVE raspberries, but kind of forgot about them until I saw them at the store the other day. YUM.

I had a massage yesterday afternoon and it was so great. This is how you know it was a good a massage – all the marks on your face, HA. I needed one SO badly. I did a lot of deep breathing while she worked on some knots in my shoulders and quads. Quad knots HURT.

Jake and I had a date night last night. I threw on a cami, a cardigan I love to wear around the house, skinny jeans, and my favorite heels. Such an easy outfit to throw together. Plus, it’s super comfy. SOLD.

We decided to head to Flame for dinner, which we were both excited about. It had been a few years since we’d been there.

I love when I capture accidental pictures. This one made me laugh. I told Jake we need to drop an album soon since this kind of looks like a blurry album cover.

We ordered the parmesan crusted portobellos as an appetizer and chowed down on their bread while we waited on our food. Both were delicious.

Jake ordered a ribeye with blue cheese – it was SO good.

I had the filet medallions with their Oscar topping – WOW. This was one of the best meals. I also had their candied bacon and jalapeño cheddar mashed potatoes. Everything was outstanding.

We had a blast and it was fun to go to a restaurant we hadn’t been in a long time. I’m off to the gym, then need to knock out a little bit of work when I get back home.

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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