My first grant + more painting + another update!

I skipped a run Thursday because I slept in, but headed to the gym once I got up. It felt good to lift. I am slowly increasing my weights and that progress makes me happy. I chowed down on oats, raspberries, and a protein shake when I got back home.

I spent the rest of the morning finishing up a grant I’ve been working on for a few weeks. I think I have it finalized and where I want it. I will read over everything one last time tomorrow before submitting it. I had leftovers for lunch. One last piece of zucchini lasagna and my leftover steak and mashed potatoes from Flame. YUM.

The girls were playing and being crazy, so I took a video of them. I just happened to capture this. I couldn’t stop laughing. I sent this picture to my family and told them this is what it’s like to be on a ton of estrogen – HA!

This dinner was SO good. Caesar salad with pasta. I added some pesto to the pasta and topped the noodles with meatballs. This was tasty and super quick to make.

Back to painting! We have a fun little getaway coming up in April, so we are going to start ripping out our bathrooms when we get back from that. Until then, we are knocking out smaller projects, which feels good. We took a much needed break from home projects, but we are ready to get started on them again.

This side is all primed! Now to prime the other side and then start painting. It’s going to be so strange to have doors again…

HERE’S a little IVF update for you – we appreciate any good vibes for my upcoming appointment on Monday!

Happy Friday, friends!

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