Weekend Wrap-up!

What a great weekend. Friday morning started with a few miles before the gym.

Kayla and I are were trying to show all of our gains after leg day…it definitely did not work.

Since Friday was my last week day of Spring Break, Jake took me out to brunch to celebrate. We went to Brew Co. and both had their egg sammie, which we should’ve shared. The sandwich is massive!

I sipped on a Bloody Mary while we talked about house projects.

Plaid shirts, jeans, and Birkenstocks make up my all-time favorite outfits. I’m glad warmer weather is here!

We had girls’ night Friday night at La Paloma, followed by some patio sitting at my house. Jake and I are about to have some concrete work done on this patio…I’m so excited. It’s hard to believe this concrete was covered up by an old deck when we bought the house. Ripping up the deck was our first big project.

We got chilly, so came inside and sat on the kitchen floor. Rhea was trying to cuddle everyone.

She’s crazy.

Saturday morning was spent enjoying trail at Two Rivers. The weather was PERFECT.

I had the rest of my egg sammie for breakfast after the run.

After breakfast, it was time to paint doors! This is a new paint that just came out. We always get our supplies from Spectrum Paint. If they tell us something is good, we believe them. They recommended this for our interior doors, so we were excited to try it. Bonus – it dries in 15 minutes!

Ready for paint!

Step 1 – paint any indented areas. These are the hardest to paint, so I use a brush for them and roll the rest of the door.

Here’s the first coat! I let this dry for about an hour before applying the second coat.

Here’s the second coat. I love this new paint. It covers well and dries so quickly.

Once I finished painting doors, I knocked out a little bit of computer work. Rhea attempted to help. I got my grant proposal submitted, so that felt good to get that off my to-do list.

Dinner was leftover pasta, meatballs, and salad. YUM.

Lu slept right here for a few hours while Jake and I did some things around the house.

I’m sure he loves when I force him to take pictures with me. <3

Sunday morning started with painting the other side of the doors. I finished the second coat just in time to head to a gravel ride in Willard.

20 miles in the sunshine on my bike? Yes, please!

Dawn (my birth mom) and Mitch had us out for dinner Sunday evening. We always have the best time with them and don’t want to leave. They cooked up the most delicious spread for us. We love you guys!

YUM. Brisket, beef ribs, asparagus, taters, and salad.

They have the most amazing view, so we all sat outside and enjoyed drinks and the fire. Rhea was very spoiled and got to sit in-between Mitch and Dawn. They also let us bring the girls out, which they love. They run around like crazy in their fields.

Lu was given a bone, so she refused to leave its side all night…she slept by it while the rest of us enjoyed the patio…she’s a mess.

I got some fireside cuddles.

Lu even joined us for about 10 minutes, HA!

I am off for my lining check, then the gym. Praying I get the numbers I need to continue with our plans for the month. I will update everyone when I can!

Happy Monday, friends!

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