The best salad + a little relaxing + my new favorite thing to eat before a run!

I wore some of my favorite rabbit gear to the gym yesterday. I think THIS shirt is one of the most comfortable shirts I have ever owned.

I was super hungry after my run and the gym, so I made a massive salad. This has red leaf lettuce (my faaaavorite), ground turkey, pasta shells, cheese, and Primal Kitchen’s Caesar (this is the dressing I always talk about.) It’s a staple in our house.

This is pretty much the only salad dressing we use…

My friend, Becca, was talking about wine and Cheez-Its the other day and it made me crave Cheez-Its, so when I saw these at the store, I had to get them. YUM.

I knocked out a bunch of computer work yesterday, then crawled into bed to take a 20 minute nap with Lu. I couldn’t fall asleep, but it felt good to relax for a little bit.

My Mom is out of town and Jake was on a mountain biking getaway with some buddies in AR, so my Dad came over for homemade pizza last night. Pizza and salad is the best combo in the world.

I never used to eat anything before my runs, but I listened to a podcast a few weeks ago (from AYB, my gym – you can find them HERE), and they talked about eating graham crackers before. I have felt a little sluggish on runs lately when I have an empty stomach, so I’ve been trying the graham cracker trick. It’s great! Plus, I love graham crackers. I feel like I have a little more gas in my tank. I will eat one cracker if I’m running anything under 6, but will eat two if it’s over that. I have a pretty sensitive stomach when it comes to food and running, but graham crackers don’t bother me at all. Thank you for the idea, AYB!

Just getting a few more minutes of snoozing before running.

I was doing some dynamic warm-ups in the kitchen before our run this morning, and this is what Rhea did. Either she hates warming up or reallllly loves to cuddle…

Morning miles are the best miles! It’s hard to take pictures at 5AM…poor Alix is in the dark back there.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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