The fluff gets a hair cut + meds & travel…+ Rhea used a curb as a pillow…

Yesterday was the last day of our oats. I inhaled this after my run. Jake and I have both been craving burritos, so they’re next on the breakfast menu!

Little Lu got her hair cut yesterday. She was living her best life in the car on the way over…she was not thrilled when I left her with the groomer.

Poor girl will be able to see once she gets her hair trimmed. I tried to trim around her eyes, but it never goes well.

I needed to grab some lettuce from the store, but I was hungry when i went in, so I came out with multiple snacks. Dried apricots are amazing.

I spent the morning working on the computer, then chowed down on lunch. I was hungry, so I think I had lunch around 10:45, HA! We polished off the rest of the pizza I made Tuesday.

Jake and I are traveling to Florida next week to spend some time with my grandparents. We are SO excited! Originally, I was supposed to be finished with shots/meds, but since things got moved back, I will be traveling with everything. I read online that labeling things makes the security process go a lot smoother (we are flying), so I labeled all my supplements and will label the rest of my meds when they get here today. I’ve never flown with injectable medicine, so if anyone has any tips, I’d love to hear them!

I swear she loves me…she was fed up with cuddling yesterday, I guess.

Dinner was salmon tacos and they were AMAZING. I cooked some salon filets in my favorite Primal Palate seafood seasoning, then loaded up tortillas.

These tacos were SO good. We also had blueberry margaritas and cauli rice, followed by a walk with our girls and trip to Lowe’s for new door handles and hinges.

Someone is looking so fresh and so clean clean after her morning at the puppy spa.

It was hard to get up this morning. It was day three of getting up at 4AM, so I was a little worn out, but once I was out of bed, I felt pretty good. I was joining Kayla for a little workout, so I had two Graham Crackers to give me a little fuel and energy for the run. I 100% see a nap in my future…

I think someone else was also a little tired this morning…

6 mile Fartlek workout, donezooooo! We were both so happy when this run was over. Our bodies were tired! Luckily, most of the miles went by quickly. SO thankful for friends who will run with me early in the morning.

Rhea used a curb as a pillow, so I think she was also a little tired…

Today, Jake is going to hang the interior doors I painted last week! I am SO excited to see them up. I will share pictures tomorrow. I know we still have quite a ways to go on our house, but it is really starting to come together.

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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