Quick ‘ritos + our doors are up! + next time you hear from me…

I threw together some quick breakfast burritos after my run Thursday morning. These have breakfast sausage, eggs, mushroom, and cheese. I cooked everything together, heated up tortillas, loaded them up with this goodness, and wrapped them up burrito style. I wrap the ones that we will eat later this week in paper towels. That keeps them from sticking to each other and we are able to easily grab them and heat them up.

They’re delicious.

The next Trail Sisters run will be on April 17th at Fellows Lake trail! These are new trails and only phase 1 is currently open. They’re gorgeous. We’d love to have any ladies join us! There is more information on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Post-gym protein and collagen shake.

Nothing sounded good for lunch, but I found this in our freezer, so I figured we might as eat it. Jake and I shared it.

Apparently this plate was NOT microwave safe…this is why I don’t have nice things. Is it weird that I like the look of this plate now that it’s been burned?

I had half the pot pie and a big salad for lunch. Trying to eat as healthy as I can when I don’t feel well. It doesn’t always work, but I’m trying. I also snackedĀ  on some Cheez-Its after lunch, too. I think my Estrogen pills were making me feel pretty nauseated yesterday.

Super exciting news – our doors are finally up! We still have some left to paint (some will be white, some will be this Wrought Iron color that is also on our fireplace). But it’s so nice having doors again! I hadn’t realized how much I missed doors…HA! I love when small things come together and make a big difference. There’s a life lesson somewhere in there…

Jake knocked out a run before work and relaxed in the sunshine after. He has a hundred coming up in October, so he’s getting back into training.

I didn’t feel great most of yesterday, but my family called and said they were going to Cesar’s, which is close to our house, aaaaand I love their sangria, so I grabbed a quick dinner with them. I had the kid’s quesadilla meal, which is so much food. I added al pastor meat to the quesadilla and it was amazing. I pulled up next to my sister and niece to park and the second Eleanor saw me, she started screaming. I hope she’s always that excited to see me. She is my favorite.

The next time you hear from me, I will be in sunny Florida (yay) and will have a couple of my PIO shots under my belt (gulp). I signed up for a last-minute race Saturday morning (super yay), then I will do my first shot that evening at 10PM. I hope I can stay up that late…HA! I got all of my meds yesterday, so it’s feeling very real. This first shot is the only one that has a specific start time, the others need to be consistent, but I can choose the time.

Jake and I leave Sunday afternoon for Florida. My grandparents live there and we can’t wait to spend a few days with them. We will be doing a lot of laying out (me), golfing (Jake), and eating all the seafood (both of us). It’s going to be wonderful!

Happy Friday, friends!

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