A little race + PIO shots + Florida!

I am writing this from sunny Florida! We are here visiting my grandparents and already having the best time. Rewinding to Friday, my day started with sleeping in, the gym, and a breakfast burrito.

Kayla’s pup, Sunny, hung out in her car while we were in the gym. We forced her to take a picture with us when we finished our workout. Judging by her face, I don’t think she loved it…

My meds were delivered Friday afternoon since I started my PIO (progesterone in oil) shots Saturday night. I pulled everything out of the container and had a mild panic attack about the size of the needle…you can read more about PIO shots (HERE), but they are intramuscular and go in your tush. GULP. We are still gearing up for my ERA on Friday, so these shots are part of that protocol.

Friday night, I met Cassie and Kayla for dinner at Galloway. I was craving a burger, so I had my favorite, which is the Trail Burger. So. Delicious.

I signed up for a last-minute race Saturday morning. I wore my new Skratch shirt since I use Skratch for all my race day hydration and fuel.

Ready for 13.1 miles! The race didn’t start until 10AM, so it was nice to sleep in, but it got kind of hot toward the end of the race. We aren’t used to running in the heat yet, so that was a little difficult.

I felt amazing until mile 8, then the last 5 miles were a struggle. A huge struggle. I almost stopped to walk and I’ve never done that in a half. I’m not sure if it was my meds hitting me, the heat, or a combination of the two, but I think I could’ve cried.

I had never been so happy to see a finish line. I plopped down on the grass the second I crossed the finish line. I was done for.

The race was super small, so I ended up snagging first in my age group, but that definitely would not have happened if there had been more people. It was a struggle!

I wanted to hold an 8:45 pace, which I managed, but only because I started out faster than that. The second half of the race was not good, but I’ll take it!

You can see where I started to struggle around miles 8 and 9, which are typically when you’d want to try and pick up your pace. There was NO way I could pick up my pace, so I just told myself to slow down and keep running.

Kayla and I both felt pretty sick after the run. We met my family for lunch, then I spent the rest of the day packing for our trip and being lazy. I was so worn out. I was due for my first shot Saturday evening, so I drew it all up and tried not to freak out.

Jake grilled a delicious dinner for us Saturday night.

Lu curled up into a tiny little ball and looked so precious.

This cracks me up. I haven’t painted our closet doors yet, so Lu sleeps in there. She’s going to be sad once the doors go back on there!

My first shot had to be done at 10PM Saturday night. My friend, Amber, who is a PA, did it for me.  THANK GOODNESS. Jake was able to watch her, which I think helped him feel better about giving me the rest of the shots. I also chugged two Truly Lemonades before the first one. And I may or may not have cried to Jake. IVF is hard, friends.

Jake was at work when I did my second shot Sunday morning, so Amber did that one for me, too. So thankful for her! There’s no way I could’ve done these myself. These PIO shots happen once a day until my ERA, then we will do all this again for my transfer. If the transfer is successful, the PIO shots last the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. GULP. Talk about a sore tush…

Jake’s parents took us to the airport Sunday afternoon. Oh, flying with my meds was easy peasy. They didn’t even check anything…I was stressed about it for no reason. Updated for someone who thought I needed to hear their opinion – I had just taken a sip of my drink, which is why my mask is down. Jake fell asleep after eating a snack, so his mask was down for maybe two minutes. A picture that takes two seconds to take is not exactly representative of a two hour flight. People…

We rented a Jeep when we got to Florida, so the first thing we did was take the top off. So ready for some sun and beach time!

My Grandma made the most delicious tomato soup and chicken salad for us when we got to their house. I went to bed stuffed, but enjoyed every dang bite.

My feet get CRAZY swollen any time I fly. This was them before bed last night. My toes were so swollen they wouldn’t touch the ground…it’s awful.

My Grandma and I are off to the pool while the guys golf – not a bad way to spend your Monday!

Happy Monday, friends!


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  1. Taylor

    I don’t get it. You’re just not wearing masks on a plane? It’s shared air. Covid is still circulating widely. How do the rules just not apply to you?

    • papersandpavement

      Interestingly enough, a picture that took two seconds to take isn’t representative of a two hour flight. If you must know (which seems to be the case), I had just taken a sip of a drink before this was taken. But thank you for your concern.

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