Florida miles + pool time + teaching them to text

Jake and I slept in Monday morning, but headed out for two quick miles before breakfast. This was my first time running after PIO shots…it hurts. A lot. Thankfully, things kind of started to loosen up after a mile, but I could feel knots in the muscle the whole run.

My Grandpa made a delicious French toast casserole for breakfast. It was so good!

My Grandma and I headed to the pool Monday afternoon while the guys golfed. I took a nap and started a new book. It was a successful pool day.

I introduced my Grandma to White Claws. She loved them. We had a scoop of tuna salad on lettuce for lunch.

My Grandpa had shoulder surgery and is just now getting back into playing golf. He and Jake played 18 holes and his shoulder didn’t bother him too much!

I had a meeting in the late afternoon, so I got ready for that after that pool. Super thankful for a job I can do from anywhere!

We picked up four pounds of shrimp for dinner. It was amazing. One of my favorite parts of coming to Florida is all the fresh seafood. We ate this entire platter…

After dinner, my Grandma requested I help her learn to text. We practiced for awhile and she got the hang of it! I was so proud. My Grandpa didn’t want to be left out, so he sent me a text with the time. These two crack me up!

Jake and I went out for 6 miles this morning. I had to stop and walk twice, but other than that, I felt okay. These shots are no joke…Jake gave me my shot Monday morning and he did a great job. I couldn’t even feel it! The shot itself isn’t too bad (thank goodness), but the meds burn going in and the knots that form after are not fun.

Breakfast before the beach!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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