Thankful for Jake + my last pool day + good news!

Shot #5 under my belt! Only two more until my ERA on Friday. I 100% do not know how I would survive all of this without Jake. He is always in my corner. Having him as my teammate is the best thing. I am not always easy to be around right now #hormones, but he takes it in stride. Oooooor he goes on really long bike rides… ; )

He’s always fixing something. My grandparents had a light they needed fixed in their garage. Once he did that, he tackled two broken plugins for them.

We had a lazy morning around the house, then Jake and my Grandpa headed off to golf and my Grandma and I headed to the pool for one last day in the sunshine. I finished my book (read East of Mecca – it’s amazing) and got a little sunburn. It was a wonderful, relaxing day.

I got an email saying the IRB proposal for my next research study was approved! Such great news. I had a few revisions to make after my initial submission, but now it’s ready to go! I will start getting ready for this as soon as we get home from my ERA. I am going to be interviewing graduate in-service teachers about community – this work will build off of my dissertation work from 2018. I’m excited!

Golf will really wear two guys out…

We got ready to head out to dinner for our last night in Florida. We have had the best time with these two this week! They’re the best hosts.

We accidentally matched again. I think Jake needs cheetah print golf shorts…

Jake and I shared wings and a burger.

This burger had peanut butter on it. I was a little apprehensive at first, but it was super delicious!

I had one of my favorite drinks – a spicy marg. I can’t say no to these.

We are headed for home – sad to leave my grandparents, but so ready to squeeze our girls!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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