Weekend Wrap-up!

I feel like so much has happened this weekend, especially since I didn’t post a blog on Friday. We have lots to get caught up on! First things first, my ERA is over with (thank goodness – more info HERE), we are home from Florida, and I have a little break from meds. Let’s rewind to Thursday – before we left for our flight home, we went on one last run in Florida. Jake’s back has been bothering him, so we stopped after a few miles so he could stretch.

The sunrise was gorgeous.

We did my shot after our run, then headed to the airport. Jake has become a shot giving pro.

I was so worn out when we got home and felt sick from traveling, but knew going to the gym would make me feel better, so I met Kayla there Thursday evening. It did make me feel better to move, but as soon as I finished the workout, I grabbed Chinese food and parked it on the couch. I always regret eating Chinese food, but man, it sure hit the spot! I always get a half order of sweet and sour, a side of spicy sauce, goons, and an egg roll. My favorite.

We left for my ERA procedure Friday morning. My sister (Piper) and our niece came over to let out girls out for us. I think they played in the backyard for a long time. Rhea wanted all the belly scratches from Eleanor.

Jake administered my last shot on the side of the road during our drive to St. Louis. HA! This was my 7th and final shot for awhile. They don’t bother me, which makes me relieved for our transfer – these shots last 10-12 weeks before/after a successful transfer, so I hope to get a lot of them sometime within the next few months. Fingers crossed!

We arrived for my ERA and I did a lot of deep breathing. I was kind of freaking out about this procedure. I had heard horror stories, so I was super nervous. I definitely cried a few times thinking about it. Also, think my mask is too big for my face? Hahaha, I knew it was big, but it’s way too big. I can’t stop laughing.

Right before the ERA – I share all about it on our Baby Bradley page HERE. I was painful, but not as bad as I had imagined!

All I wanted after my ERA was fried chicken, so we stopped at Lee’s Chicken for lunch. It was delicious and hit the spot. My body was ready to be back to my normal healthy eating, but I enjoyed giving in to some of the cravings.

When we got back into town, I swung by the grocery store and went through the car wash. I could not stop laughing at this car in front of me. Even without a bumper, this car stills need to be clean.

I did a little meal prep Friday and made breakfast burritos. These have black beans, root veggie hash browns, eggs, and cheese.

Whenever I prep burritos, I always wrap them in a paper towel. This keeps them from sticking to each other and we can warm them still wrapped up and they don’t get dried out.

I think these girls missed us. After being gone to Florida for almost a week and then leaving for St. Louis on Friday, they wouldn’t leave my side Friday night.

Still not allowed on the couch, but think she missed her Mom?

We had some storms Friday night. Lu was thankful I’ve been slacking on painting our closet doors because she made a bed on my sleeping bag in the closet. I think she felt safe tucked in here.

TMI (sorry, Mom and anyone else who doesn’t like poo talk), but I always go poop before I run. Always. Rhea knows the ritual. Once the running shoes go on and I go to the bathroom, she knows it’s about to be running time. She won’t leave my side, just in case I forget about her and leave to run without her.

I felt pretty good Saturday morning after my ERA, so Rhea and I headed out for an easy short run. She hadn’t been on a run in a week and it showed. She was crazy!

Post-run breakfast burrito. YUM.

I did a little computer work and cleaned the house, then took a lunch break. This week, we are having bowls with quinoa, rice, broccoli, sweet corn, butternut squash, cheese, and rice.

I found some boxes with the girls’ stuff in them, so while I unpacked, we had a fashion show. They didn’t hate it…but they also didn’t love it. They greeted Jake in these shirts.

Saturday night for dinner we had salmon, Caesar salad, and garlic bread.

I think I have shared how I plan out my days/week before, but this is the only way I function each week. I plan out each day hourly, to make sure I don’t spend too much time on one thing. I start by filling in mandatory things – meetings, appointments, etc., then decide when I’ll be able to go to the gym (this is a priority for me). From there, I fill in what work needs to be accomplished each day. I don’t have very many meetings this week (fingers crossed), so I’m hopeful about knocking out some writing (I’m behind) and get a plan for my next research study in place.

Sunday morning started with trail time at Fellows Lake. How gorgeous is this view?

The sun was shining, there was a cool breeze, and the trails were amazing.

We knocked out 10 miles together and it was a blast. I had to stop and walk a few times, but I’m just trying to listen to my body as it recovers and not do anything too crazy.

Rhea loves trail. So much. It’s fun to watch her explore.

Lunch was another bowl of veggies, grains, and chicken.

I made the mistake of lying down after my shower and had a hard time getting back up. Anyone else do this? I was worn out from my run, but still had some things to do, so I didn’t have time for a nap.

Lu rubbed it in and took a nap anyway.

Jake and his Dads were wiring some spots for new lights for us in our living room, so there were some loud noises. They two chickens wouldn’t leave my office.

We have lights in our living room! I’ll share another picture once everything is finished since this doesn’t really look like anything, but it makes such a HUGE difference to have more than just two lights in this room. Our fan goes up Tuesday and I CANNOT WAIT! Thank you Jeff, John, and Jake!!

Happy Monday, friends!

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