Our new slider!! + the sweetest boy + date night

Yesterday morning, our slider door was installed! We wanted something to separate the dining room and sun room. Jake knocked out the windows that were on the sides of this opening and then framed it for the door. It took a long time to get the door in, I think we ordered it at least 7 weeks ago…maybe longer. When they called and said it was in, we were so excited. Here’s the space for the door.

The guys showed up to do the install yesterday morning. I couldn’t wait to see it all put together.

We LOVE it. Now that the slider is up, we will tackle the dining room. I cannot wait to have this room finished! We have some exciting plans for it. I am so thankful we are able to do a lot of this remodel together. It makes me appreciate and love our home even more.

I knocked out some work yesterday morning, then had a super fun lunch date with my friend, Emily, her son, Wattson, my sister, and Eleanor. Em and I went to high school together and I hadn’t seen her since my bachelorette party, which I think was three-ish years ago! WAY too long. I finally got to meet sweet Wattson, too. He’s the cutest little boy!

I stole Eleanor for some pictures. We had a blast catching up.

I got the sweetest hugs and kisses as they were leaving. Mostly from Wattson, some from Emily. HA!

I had a meeting after lunch, then Jake and I took the girls on a long walk before heading to dinner.

The BLT at Galloway never disappoints.

Double dates with Chris and Brittany are my favorite! My abs always hurt after we see these two because we laugh so much.

Rhea wanted to make sure I didn’t forget her on my run this morning, but she also didn’t really want to get up…

4AM coffee – mmmm. I usually drink my coffee black, but lately I’ve been adding a little milk to it and it’s so delicious. I go through phases where I want black coffee or I want milk added in. If I add milk to my coffee, it’s always regular milk. I don’t like almond milk or coconut milk in coffee. It’s weird, I know.

7 miles with some of my favorites to kick off this Thursday that I definitely thought was Tuesday…I’ve been off on my days all dang week!

I may or may not squeeze in a quick nap before the gym…

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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