New shoe day + we have closets!!!! + my happy place

My alarm went off at 6AM Monday morning, but I was still sleepy, so I reset it for 7 and passed back out. I felt much more rested when it went off again at 7, so I hopped out of bed and got ready for a short run before the gym. Monday was new shoe day, which is the best day. Altra, the company we have used for years for running shoes, just came out with a new model of the shoes I love (the Torin – HERE). I was nervous to try the new model; I think I went through 4 pairs of the last model, but WOW – the new model is great! Plus, I love this coral and black combo. These are my all-time favorite road running shoe.

3 easy miles with my furriest running partner.

It was leg day at the gym. I had a knee that was a little sore, so I was careful with a couple of our lifts. I came home and inhaled a breakfast burrito while watching Hulu, then knocked out a bunch of grading. I can’t believe I only have a few more weeks left of my FIRST year as a faculty member. SO crazy. Time is flying!

Every day, there’s a 98% chance I have sweats on. I will throw a cute top on, since that’s what people see in meetings, but it’s always sweats on the bottom. Always.

I had some visitors while I worked.

Jake and I had a little lunch date when I finished up some work. Black bean and sweet potato quesadillas with chips.

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you guys think Jake loves when I write him notes in Sriracha? ; )

We have closet doors!! I finished painting these on Sunday, so Jake got them all hung up yesterday. Our rooms look SO different having closet doors again. Here are the closet doors in the guest room, where we are sleeping until bathrooms are finished.

Here are my closet doors in our bedroom.

All of the doors to different rooms are the dark color, it’s called Wrought Iron, and all the closet doors are white, I think it’s called White Dove. This closet door leads to Jake’s closet in our master bedroom. We both can’t wait to get the bathrooms finished so we can move into our room.

I worked in my office until about 5PM. This room is my happy place. My Dad built my desk, so it’s extra special to me, and this whole room just feels cozy.

Anyone else meal prep, then not want to eat what you prepped? It happens to me all the time. Thankfully, we had all this goodness in the fridge…romaine lettuce, mayo, turkey, mozzarella slices, and bacon. Delicious.

Tell me you have an Aussie without telling me you have an Aussie…HA! Any picture with an Aussie touching their human speaks volumes. This girl is a lover.

A little wine and cookie dough (already inhaled before this picture) to wrap-up my Monday.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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