Sunshine + my Dad’s groupie + that one hurt!

Before Jake and I ran Wednesday morning, Lu and I played fetch – she was pretty sad when I had to go back to computer work and couldn’t keep playing with her.

It was nice to sleep in and run in the sunshine with Jake and Rhea yesterday. I got some new shoes, which I like, but my feet are going numb while running. They’re not tied too tight, so I can’t figure out what’s causing it. Some people on social media yesterday told me it could be tight muscles, which I definitely always have, so I need to do a better job of taking care of those things to see if that helps. Fingers crossed it does!

We left Lu at home while we ran. I guess she got so excited when she saw us coming back that she peed all over our couch cushions. She NEVER has accidents in the house. I think it was partly my fault because I didn’t let her out before we left. Anyway, we were extra thankful that our cushions are water resistant and can be washed! We have THIS couch from Burrow and love it.

My Grandma was in town for a little dental work, so we all had lunch together when she was finished at my Dad’s office. We went to Nearly Famous, one of my all-time favorite places here in town. Their salad is the BEST and I loooove their quiche. Yesterday, it was mushroom and swiss….so amazing.

I had a quick meeting after lunch, then worked on the computer in bed while getting cuddles from Rhea.

We had family dinner at my parents’ last night and it was delicious. My parents brought fresh shrimp home with them from their recent trip to Charleston, so we had shrimp for dinner. So delicious.

My Dad got out his bass ukulele (I think that’s what it is…) and played along to some songs on his phone. Eleanor loved it and clapped or cheered as he played. She’s his biggest groupie. I guess I don’t blame her…he sounded really good! My Dad is super musical and can play pretty much any instrument. It’s so fun listening to him.

Is it even a family dinner if you don’t have ice cream? I say no.

Kayla tried to kill me this morning on our run. She had a workout, so I joined her for it. I may or may not have accidentally had one glass too many of wine last night. I definitely felt it this morning! I was so glad when this run was over.

In honor of Earth Day, Trail Sisters Springfield will be doing a trash pick-up tonight at 6:30PM. We will meet at Great Escape Beer Works and pick-up trash along the Galloway Creek trail. All are welcome to join us!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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