Weekend Wrap-up!

After the gym Friday, I had an acupuncture appointment. Before I walked in, I got the BEST news – all of the results from my ERA/Receptiva came back normal (more HERE), so we are set to transfer sometime this summer! I cried the second our coordinator told me the news. My acupuncturist was ecstatic, too.

I scarfed lunch down the second I got home – the last of the egg salad. I was sad when this was gone! I had to present at a huge meeting to the entire faculty at my university after lunch, so I spent a little bit of time preparing for that and getting ready after lunch.

Nothing like a three-hour meeting on a Friday afternoon…my presentation went well, which I was thankful for. It was my very first time presenting to all the faculty members, so I was pretty nervous.

I had girls’ night Friday night at my friend Adrienne’s house. We sipped wine and ate way too much sushi. It was a blast.

I came home to this. I guess Lu was mad Jake was working Friday night because she only messed up his pillows…

We made the mistake of starting our run Saturday morning a little later than we should’ve…especially considering there wasn’t much shade on the farm roads we were on. Poor Rhea was pretty worn out! We did find a big puddle for her, which she loved. She plopped down in this to cool off.

After running 7.3 miles, I switched to a walk/run for the remaining 5 and it helped SO much. I just ran the hills and kept an easy pace on the flats/downhills. Even with walking, I was able to keep a 9:59 average pace, so I’ll take it. I think my body feels just fine running 7 and under, but if I’m going to do anything over that, the walk breaks help a lot, at least right now.

12 miles = donezo! Kayla crushed this run and even had a workout the last four miles. I think my walk/run at the end saved me from being miserable. I didn’t feel like I had pushed it too hard or have a panic attack attack/not able to breathe episode. I need to remember this for long runs once I start meds again. If I get on here and complain about not feeling good on a run, someone remind me! HA!

After our run, we went to Vineyard Market for brunch. Our food was good, but we both wished we had gotten their flatbread. I had the quiche, which was super tasty, but it wasn’t really a quiche, rather just eggs, ham, cheese, and potatoes thrown together. It was delicious, but I wanted more of an actual quiche. We saw some other tables with the flatbread and decided that’s what we should’ve gone with. Next time!

When you sit outside at brunch too long…whoops! Just this one spot on my shoulder and my arm got fried.

Date night Saturday at The Pitch with Jake. We shared one of my favorite pizzas on their cauliflower crust. SO delicious.

Sunday morning started with sleeping in (YAY), coffee in bed (YAY), and a delicious breakfast burrito (YAY). This had two eggs, cheese, spinach, and a meatless sausage patty – so good.

The cutest little hedgehog stopped by to play for a little bit. My sister has been letting Eleanor pick out her own outfits lately, so the Halloween costume is making a regular appearance.

After Piper and Eleanor left, I got started on meal prep. Lunches this week are chickpea gyros – YUM. I made some tzatziki sauce – 1 cup plain greek yogurt, 1/2 a chopped cucumber, 2-3 TBS vinegar, garlic, and dill to top our chickpeas with.

I roasted three cans of chickpeas in ghee, Italian seasoning, salt, pepper, and garlic. These smelled SO good.

Breakfast is this egg casserole with biscuits, vegan sausage, cheese, and eggs. To make this, quarter your biscuits, then mix together 12 eggs, one package of cheese, and one package of whatever sausage you like. Put everything in a greased baking dish and bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes, until everything is firm. This made 8 servings.

Rhea is never far from one of us…

We met Cassie and Jesse for dinner at Brew Co last night. We always have a blast with these two. Cassie and I realized we have been friends for 18 years, so we celebrated the anniversary of our friendship last night, too. We met the summer before our freshman years of high school – so crazy. She can’t get rid of me!

When Jesse parks like this, making it almost impossible for me to get out of the car…Their front tires were almost touching. HA!

Happy Monday, friends!



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  1. Lindsay

    Your breakfast bake sounds delicious. Do you think you could use a maple vegetarian sausage and non-dairy cheese? I do eat eggs but I haven’t been eating meat or dairy lately … thoughts??

      • Lindsay

        Thats what I was thinking …. do you mind sharing how many sausages you would use and do you think “pre-cooked” vegetarian sausage could be used and how long did you bake for and at what temp?? Basically I need more of a recipe. I am not quite as adventurous as you! Haha! 😛

      • papersandpavement

        I would just use whatever the package has! When I make big casseroles, I almost always use the entire contents of what ingredients I’m using. The casserole is multiple servings, so the whole package would be just fine. I would do precooked unless you want to “cook” it in a skillet before adding to the rest of the mixture. I’d still bake at 350° for 30-40 minutes.

      • Lindsay

        Love that. Thank you! This one seems like one I can do. I actually am going grocery shopping tomorrow so I am adding these items to my list. Also … do you add any seasonings to your casserole or do you just add kechup for the eggs when serving! lol (Yes, I’m a weirdo that MUST have ketchup on my eggs!)

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