My favorite long lash hack + Eleanor loves her new Strider + my fastest ride!

I. Love. This. Breakfast. Casserole. We just finished up the last few pieces today, so I’m going to make another one for the next few days. It’s just so tasty and filling.

I also love my label maker. I put Eleanor’s name on her bike before she came over to ride it. We were so excited to give this to her!

I headed out for a run with Lu, but ended up not feeling like running, so we walked three miles and I listened to a podcast. I told Jake the other day that I’ve never NOT forced myself to run. I’m usually always training for something, so my dedication to that goal takes over when my motivation is lacking. I decided I am going to embrace how I feel right now – if I feel like running, I will; if I don’t, I won’t! Easy as that. I am really enjoying walking and riding right now, so I’m thankful for that. Running will be there for me when I’m ready.

Another day, another chickpea gyro. These are also gone now. So sad. Jake said this was one of his favorite meals.

Eleanor was a little unsure of her bike at first, but Piper said she won’t stop riding it now. We got some of the cutest videos, including one of a little nakey girl straight out of the bath riding her bike down the hallway. HA! Piper said Eleanor woke up this morning yelling, “Dike! Dike!” (that’s how she says bike). I’d say she loves it!

If you’ve been around for awhile, you know I used to get eyelash extensions, which I loved, but then I decided to take a break from them and ripped them all out on my own…not smart. I had no eyelashes for a long time, but they have finally grown back and stayed long.

These are my three go-tos – a lash serum, primer, and Damn Girl! mascara. I just started using the primer and think it helps add length, but I’ve used the serum and Damn Girl! for about two years now.

I had an interview with a new participant for my study yesterday, then we hopped on our bikes. The weather was AMAZING.

Last night, we met up with this awesome group for a bike ride. I managed my fastest 20+ miles! I was so excited, but I was TOAST when we finished. Bikes are hard, but I love them.

So thankful for these babes who rode with me. It was such a fun evening!

The real reason I rode – tacos and a margarita. Heck. Yes.

I saw this on Instagram this morning and couldn’t stop laughing. Hahah! Every time I show my Mom a meme, she asks me who is in the picture. Thank you for always making me laugh, Mom! <3

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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