Short & sweet + lunch date + real clothes!

While I was at the gym yesterday, Jake went on a run. When he got back, we had a little lunch date. We had planned to grab subs from The Sub Shop and enjoy them outside at a local brewery, but none of the breweries opened until later, so we took everything home and had a little lunch date there. The Sub Shop is SO delicious. I had the Skinny Pilot, which had turkey, pepperoni, peppers, lettuce, cheese, and tomato. I inhaled it. Jake had the Veggie with salami. It was also amazing.

I wore real clothes. REAL. CLOTHES. I don’t remember the last time I did that, HA! I had to document this strange occurrence. It did feel good to put on some real clothing…I need to remember that and do a better job of getting out of workout clothes/comfy sweats occasionally.

I finished laundry and vacuuming before dinner, so I enjoyed  a little tea and Hulu before meeting my parents.

This memory popped up on Instagram from four years ago. I had ridden my new bike ALL day, but forgotten about sunscreen. This burn hurt SO bad. I think I peeled for weeks. Here’s your reminder to rock some sunscreen!

I have a lot of grading coming up, since my semester ends on Sunday. I can’t believe it! My first year as a college professor will be over in a few short days. This year FLEW by. I will have three weeks off before my summer classes start, so I am excited for that. I hope to knock out a bunch of work on my current research study, which I realizeI haven’t told y’all much about, so I’ll fill you in.

This new study builds off of the study I did for my dissertation, which looked at perceptions of community for undergraduate students in online courses. My new study is still looking at perceptions of community in online courses, but this time I’m interviewing graduate students. I am excited to compare the data I gather between the two studies. Plus, the information gained can help all educators right now, as online learning has grown exponentially. While some schools will return to seated courses, many will continue with online learning. All of the classes I teach are 100% online, and they were that way before Covid.

So, that’s my big project for this summer! I currently have eight participants. I’d like at least four more, so we’ll see if I can find a few more. Since I got a grant from UALR for summer research, I am able to pay my participants for their time, which is SO nice. Now you’re all caught up on my research life. ; )

Happy Friday, friends!


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