Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend was a good one – full of relaxing, bike rides, and family time. I was feeling lazy Friday night while Jake was at work, so I made some frozen chicken dumplings and a salad for dinner and parked it on the couch for the evening. It was perfect.

I woke up to this face Saturday morning. She did not want to get out of bed. I guess I don’t blame her…

Saturday morning, we got the best delivery – Skratch stuff! This is our all-time favorite hydration and fuel for racing. They just made some new super fuel, so Jake is excited to try that out for his next hundred.

I waited for the rain to stop Saturday, then loaded up my bike and headed to the Frisco to ride a little gravel. We haven’t put a hitch on my car yet, but I’m making it work until we do.

I was looking forward to a little time on my bike. Plus, the Frisco is nice because it’s an out and back, which was exactly what I wanted Saturday morning.

20 miles on the Frisco in the most gorgeous weather. I managed to steer clear of most of the rain and only got sprinkled on a few times.

I grabbed a foot-long veggie from Subway with the intention of sending the second half to work with Jake…well, I definitely inhaled all of this after my ride. A veggie sandwich on soft bread just hits different. It’s my favorite right now.

After lunch, the girls and I put on our (my) favorite podcast and walked an easy three miles around our neighborhood.

When Jake got home from work, we grabbed a beer at 4 By 4, ran to the store, then Jake did a little grilling. Since we haven’t finished the concrete work on our patio yet, Jake’s been grilling in our driveway. My girlfriend, Adrienne, said we are tailgating, which I don’t hate, so maybe we should keep the grill up front forever…HA!

The grill master at work.

YUM. We had Mexican corn, brats, bacon wrapped jalps, and chips. I didn’t like sauerkraut when I was younger, but now I LOVE it.

We had crazy storms here Sunday. Poor Jake got called into work at 5AM and worked until midnight on Mother’s Day. We missed him all day. The girls always get nervous when it storms, so when Jake left early Sunday morning, they took over our bed. They never both cuddle me at the same time, so I soaked this up. I think we all laid like this for two hours. I loved every second.

I had brunch with my family Sunday morning, so I headed to my parents’ house before. I admired the jewelry trees my Mom is making out of my Grandma’s jewelry. She has made a bunch and is giving them to her siblings and keeping some for herself. She’s SO talented. Aren’t these amazing?

We went to Highland for brunch and it was amazing, per usual. I ate WAY too much, also per usual.

We have the best Mom! Funny story about Eleanor – Piper (my sister) said that when they pulled off the road to head to my parents’, Eleanor started screaming, “No, no, Chelsea’s house!!!”. Piper kept trying to explain that I was at my parents, but Eleanor wouldn’t listen and started crying. When they parked their car, Piper told Eleanor that I was inside and Eleanor sprinted in the door and ran right into my arms. She melts my heart every dang day! I sure do love that kid.

We spent a few hours in comfy sweats on the couch after brunch, which was wonderful. The weather was gross; we felt bad for poor Jake out working in it.

A quick outfit change back into real clothes, and I got the spend the evening with Jake’s family. I know Jake was so bummed to miss family time, but I had a blast with everyone. So thankful our families all live close.

Happy Monday, friends!

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