Monitoring appointment + all. the. grading. + the best lunch!

I planned to run after the gym yesterday, but when I got outside, it was raining, so I went back inside and hopped on the Air Runner for the first time. Your body is the motor, so you’re able to control how fast or slow you go based on where you stand on the belt. It definitely took some getting used to!

We haven’t done anything yet for our transfer, but I had a monitoring appointment yesterday after the gym. They just drew blood and did an ultrasound to check things out. Hopefully we are getting closer!

I planned for meatball subs this week for lunch and holy yum – they are SO delicious. We used meatless meatballs, mozzarella slices, spicy vegetable pasta sauce (our favorite), and gluten-free bread.

I also made a dill pickle slaw to go along with these and it’s maybe the best slaw I’ve ever had. I kind of followed THIS recipe, but left out the bacon, used real sugar, and used Greek yogurt in place of mayo. I never measure anything, but I’m pretty good at eye-balling. If you like slaw, make this. You’ll love it!

Long story short: I was in the middle of grading final projects yesterday when my work computer forced me to do an update, then I couldn’t access anything on Chrome since I’m not an administrator on the device. It was a hot mess. I called IT and they couldn’t fix it because they also didn’t have the administrator login information, so they created a ticket for me and had the correct people help. We have this thing called TeamViewer, where I can give a connecting username and password to someone on campus and they can access my computer. We used that and they filled out all of the information for me and everything worked perfectly. Here they are accessing my device. It’s cool and kind of creepy to watch. They got everything fixed and back up running within an hour, so I was thankful for that.

Still taking ALL the supplements.

Dinner was random leftovers – a pita with shredded cheese and turkey pepperoni with the last of our Mexican corn from the weekend.

I just love Eleanor. I guess she’s been saying “Chelsea’s house” or “Jake and Chelsea’s house” because she wants to come over and play. She can come over any time!

These chips were on sale at Mama Jean’s, so I bought 4 of them. Oh boy. That was a mistake because they’re SO dang good. We have already gone through one whole tube and I just got them Saturday. Whoops.

The best news: I am finished grading! WAHOO! I busted it out all day yesterday, and then had one student send me something this morning, so I just finished grading that item. It feels SO good to have that knocked out. My semester is officially over Thursday at noon, but I will submit final grades Wednesday when I get home from AR. I head to Little Rock, AR today for another graduation ceremony. I am excited! I love graduations. There’s something so special about them.

One of my colleagues, whom I have only met once for about 15 minutes, texted me last night and offered up her guest room for me to stay in tonight after graduation. I thought that was so kind. I am definitely taking her up on it because this graduation starts late and I don’t want to drive back for almost 4 hours at midnight, HA! So, I am going to stay down there with her tonight. I’m looking forward to seeing some other faculty members in person.

I probably won’t get get a blog up tomorrow since I’ll be driving all morning, but I’ll see you back here Thursday!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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