Run date + graduation + one of my dreams!

I’m back! : ) Jake and Rhea got lots of floor cuddles in while he was stretching on Tuesday before our run. No one is safe on the floor if Rhea is around.

I felt like running (YAY!), so I did Jake’s 5 mile recovery run with him. He has just started a new training plan for his hundred in October and he’s been BUSTING it out. I’m so proud of him. His workout runs are crazy intense. I used to do a lot of workouts with him, but I don’t see that happening right now. Recovery runs for me, please!

Lunch was another meatless meatball sub with slaw and chips.

After lunch on Tuesday, I hopped in the car and drove to Little Rock, AR (where I work) for graduation. We had the graduation ceremony for all of our master’s and doctoral level students, so I got to see some of my students graduate (I currently teach the master’s in reading courses). I LOVE graduations. They always make me tear up as I watch graduates walk across the stage. It’s such an exciting moment. I also love getting to rock my own regalia – so many good memories in this cap and gown.

One of my colleagues offered her guest room to me, which I appreciated SO much, so we grabbed a quick dinner after graduation before going back to her house to spend time with her family. We sat on the couch drinking wine and talking until 2:30AM! I could not believe it. I very rarely stay up past 10PM, HA! We were just having so much fun getting to know each other. VERY thankful for colleagues like her! I got up Wednesday morning and hopped back in the car to make my way home.

When I got home, Jake and I had lunch, I interviewed another participant for my study, took a short 20 minute nap, then I knocked out some meal prep. I made two crustless quiches, more meatballs for our subs, and some peanut butter banana muffins. Here are the quiches – they’re going to be delicious!

I think these two missed me while I was gone. They joined me for a short nap. Jake joined us at some point, too. Family naps are the best naps.

Dinner was salmon, broccoli, and tater tots.

I have ALWAYS wanted twinkle lights in our backyard. While I was gone, Jake put some up for me!! I am obsessed. They won’t stay in this spot since we have a remodel for this patio area coming up, but I was so excited when I got home and saw these. We sat around a fire and enjoyed my new lights after dinner last night.

These make such a difference! The back of our house is not pretty right now (well, the whole outside of our house isn’t pretty…we cannot wait to paint it), but these lights make everything look so cute. Thank you, Jacob Ray!!!

It’s good to be back!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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