Short & sweet + current read + 6 recipes for you to try

Guess who is officially on summer break for a whole month?! This girl! WAHOO! My summer classes start June 14th, which I am excited about. I had a choice whether or not I wanted to teach this summer, but I taught these classes last summer and really enjoyed them, so I wanted to teach them again. Plus, it’ll keep me out of trouble. ; )

My parents are visiting my grandparents for a few days, so I dropped them off at the airport yesterday. We grabbed a quick lunch before their flight from Roots. I had the BLTA. It was pretty good! A little too greasy for me, but they give you a delicious pesto aioli on the side, so that was tasty.

Sometimes Rhea will crouch down like this and stare at me. I feel like she’s waiting to pounce on me.

I ran a bunch of errands after I dropped my parents at the airport, then knocked out laundry before dinner. I had a meatless meatball sub and dill pickle slaw for dinner. We ate the first batch of slaw, so I made another batch last night. This stuff is SO dang good.

A friend from my gym gave me this book to read and it’s so good! I am almost finished with it. I told my Mom about it yesterday and she wants to read it next. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a new read.

Here are 6 of my favorite recipes for you to try – these are all good and pretty easy to make. Win-win.

We are having THIS crustless quiche this week and it might be my new favorite. I like it better than a lot of quiches I have had out, which is saying a lot because I order quiche ALL the time. I added riced sweet potato to mine and the flavor is AMAZING, but it would be delicious without that, too. I think the Gouda really makes the flavor pop in this one.

I haven’t made THIS salad dressing in awhile, but it was a staple a few months ago and I think I was making it once a week. It’s tangy and fresh tasting, plus clean and healthy. Dressings and sauces can make or break a dish, but they can also be full of all kinds of crap. I like this dressing because it’s SO good and also clean.

HERE is the coleslaw we have had all week. WOW. This is definitely a recipe I have saved and will be making all the time. I omitted the bacon and used half mayo, half plain Greek yogurt rather than all mayo – I think it’s better that way and not as heavy.

THIS takes you to the chickpea gyros we had a few weeks ago.Holy yum. These were SO tasty and filling, plus full of lots and lots of veggies.

We haven’t had THESE in awhile, but plantain nachos are a favorite in our house. You can top them with ground beef, cut up steak, ground turkey, ground chicken, shrimp, veggies…the possibilities are endless!

I have shared THIS recipe before, but it is still a staple in our house. The buffalo chicken spaghetti squash casserole is so easy to make and will last you all dang week – yes, please.

Happy Friday, friends!

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