Weekend Wrap-up!

I can now share the basket my runner girl gang put together for Alex, who is getting married SO soon! We surprised her and celebrated her upcoming wedding with a fun girls’ night on Friday.

Before girls’ night fun, I went to the gym and ran an easy three miles. I enjoyed the sunshine since it’s supposed to rain around here for the next week or so.

Post gym and run lunch was delicious – the last of our meatless meatball subs, slaw, and chips.

I signed up for a workshop that runs every day this week – I am kind of looking forward to it, but also would’ve loved to not be doing much right now since it’s my summer vacation, BUUUUT I think it’ll be good information. It started Friday afternoon, so I got to know some of the others also in the workshop. After that, I got ready for a little fiesta to celebrate Alex. I had this dress that I’ve never worn. It’s SUPER short, but has a fiesta-ey feel to it, so I tied it into a shirt and wore it with jeans. I think it turned out okay! I need to remember this trick for super short dresses…

I also threw on my favorite gold glittery earrings for the occasion.

Here’s a link to the earrings. I love them! They come in all different colors and are super lightweight.

Brittany hosted our girls’ night and made the most delicious tacos for us. I inhaled this entire plate. Everything was amazing.

Britt also got the cutest sombreros for us to wear. We, of course, had to force her furbabe, Oscar, to wear one. I don’t think he loved it…

I sure do love these gals! We always say it’s weird when we get together and have real clothes on and aren’t covered in sweat since we’re usually running together in the dark. HA!

Saturday morning started with sleeping in. I had planned to run with Kayla, but woke up with a sore foot, so ended up skipping the run. Breakfast was quiche and grahams with PB.

I watched Eleanor, my niece, for about 4 hours Saturday morning. We had a blast, like always. This is the toy/kids’ clothing closet at my parents’ house…it’s stuffed. Eleanor loves playing in here.

Saturday night, Jake and I had the best date night. We grabbed dinner at The Rock – we shared a salad and a mushroom pizza on their cauliflower crust. It was SO good.

After dinner, we headed to Great Escape for a beer and to listen to the bands that were playing there. It was so much fun. We got to hear a new band called Dawson’s Hollow. They’re incredible.

Being married to your best friend really is the greatest thing ever.

Sunday morning started with an exciting find – patio furniture…for free! Our neighbors were throwing this away, so I snagged it. We have been looking for some temporary patio furniture to use while we finish our patio. We are getting ready to redo the concrete and do a bunch of dirt work, but we would like to be able to sit out there and enjoy the space until we’re ready to purchase more permanent outdoor furniture. When I saw these, I couldn’t just let them go to the trash. They’re in great shape and look brand new. So, we got new furniture!

I enjoyed breakfast after my exciting furniture find – more quiche and grahams with PB.

Then I had another exciting find. Cushions are SO expensive, so I hopped on Facebook Marketplace and found this set for $60! I was ecstatic. The seller could meet me right away, so we now have two comfy chairs on our patio. I just need to find cushions for the love seat and we will be set.

Lunches this week are veggie sandwiches and they’re super tasty.

These have dairy-free chive cream cheese, spinach, onion, tomato, cucumber, avocado, and green pepper. YUM. All on gluten-free bread. Yes, please. (I’ve been doing acupuncture and my acupuncturist wants me doing mostly gluten and dairy free while we work toward our embryo transfer. Since those things cause inflammation and I have endometriosis, which is inflammatory, she wants me limiting gluten and dairy.)

I wanted to make some gluten-free biscuits, so I found THIS recipe and tried it out. These are pretty dang good! I added garlic and Italian seasoning to the dough, which I recommend. So good.

When Jake got home from work, we went out for a run with Rhea, then swung back by the house to get Lu for a walk. I stepped into a hole on our walk and twisted the shit out of my ankle. It dropped me to my knees and I immediately started crying. Ugh. I had been doing SO well with my bad ankle. It’s definitely swollen and sore this morning, but I’m able to walk without limping, so that’s a positive.

I have a workshop all week that I’m kind of bahumbug about. This is my first week off and I’m just not looking forward to spending 5 hours a day in a workshop that already feels like a waste of time. See? I have a bad attitude about it. I’m hoping that changes after today! I’m trying to adjust my attitude. Also, the workshop is during the time that I normally go to the gym, so I will go to an earlier class this week and will miss the girls I usually lift with! At least the weather is gross here, so I don’t feel bad about not being outside and having fun.

Some fun news, I have a massage today! I cannot wait. I kind of forgot about it because I booked it back in February as a treat for finishing the semester. It’s going to be AMAZING and it’s 90 minutes. I can’t wait!

Happy Monday, friends!

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