Rainy day Lu is a mood + this dang ankle + 9 years?!

I forgot to share our dinner Sunday evening, which was enjoyed outside on our new patio furniture. We had spaghetti squash casserole with salad and GF biscuits. I LOVE having chairs on our patio. So much.

It rained most of Monday. I found Lu curled up on our bed. She doesn’t love being cooped up inside…neither does Rhea.

I went to the gym early Monday morning. This is our last week in this current cycle, so we are supposed to be lifting heavy before a down week next week. I hit a PR on my hip thrust, but didn’t on my back squat since I sprained my ankle Sunday night. I was a little bummed because I’ve been actually keeping track of weight this cycle and working to increase, but it’s no biggie. I did what I could, then came home and enjoyed the last of our quiche.

My workshop was actually decent yesterday, so my attitude is better about it. Thank goodness. I was a crank about it over the weekend.  We have an hour lunch break each day, so I had a veggie sandwich and chips, which was amazing.

After my workshop, I headed to a massage I had booked a few months ago. It was wonderful. She was really careful with my ankle, but she tried to work on it a little bit.

I think I fell asleep right at the end of the massage because I don’t remember it…HA! I was SO relaxed.

Here’s my ole fat ankle. It isn’t too bruised, so I think that’s good? I don’t really know. I’m walking better on it today, so that’s a good sign. I wanted to run this morning, but may just walk to give it one more day of healing. I know it’ll be tender for the next few months.

After my massage, I lounged on the couch and worked until about 8PM. I wanted to get a jumpstart on my summer classes. My summer classes start June 7th, so I have a few weeks to finish those and get them ready to go. Next week is our anniversary, so I want to have a few days where I’m not working and can just spend time with Jake. I tried to keep my foot elevated while I worked.

I took a break for dinner – more spaghetti squash casserole, salad, and a biscuit. Plus a little kombucha on the side. I am watching I’m Sorry (again) on Netflix. It’s SO funny. If you want a good laugh, check it out.

Mouth full of grahams and headed to the gym! Today was arm day. As I was driving to the gym, I realized how thankful I was for AYB. I love lifting, but if left to do it on my own, I don’t push myself or vary in movements too much. AYB has helped me SO much. I am stronger than I’ve ever been and going there just makes my heart happy. There are good people in all of the classes and the trainers/coaches are top notch. It’s the best place!

Post arm day! I need to wash my hair today…that might be difficult…

This popped up on my Timehop for today…9 years ago I met my first class. WOW. I remember being so nervous. These kiddos are so special to me and I cannot believe this was so long ago. For new readers, my first year of teaching I taught 5th grade (all subjects) and coached high school girls’ basketball in Hollister. I loved it. That first year of teaching, I was also a full-time master’s student. It was such a busy time. I was only at Hollister for a year before moving to Springfield Public Schools to teach 7th grade ELA (my favorite grade and subject. Hands-down.) I taught 7th ELA for two years. I graduated with my master’s my first year of teaching 7th grade and started my PhD the second year. I then moved to a reading specialist position (5th-8th grades) for two years, took a year off to finish my dissertation and graduate, then spent one year as an instructional coach, before accepting my new job as a college professor. So much can happen in a 9 year span…as I was typing that all out, I had kind of a hard time believing so many changes happened so quickly. I feel blessed to say I have loved every job I’ve ever had. Sure, there were days that weren’t great, but I was never miserable in these positions. And my job now is an actual dream. I wanted to teach online at the college-level for YEARS. It’s why I got my PhD in the first place. I never, ever could have imagined that it would happen so soon. Time flies, friends. It really does.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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