The. Last. Day. + make this! + I love Bridgerton

I promise I did not touch this food…Rhea eats her food like this every single day. She always eats one half, then needs a break. She will usually come back and eat the other half later. It cracks me up.

More egg casserole after the gym. I layered the bottom of this casserole with hash browns. It’s pretty delicious!

Lu felt the same way I did about my workshop…SO thankful today is the last day. We finish up at 1PM and I am so excited for it to be over. I have an interview with a participant for my study at 2PM and then I plan on doing a whole lot of nothin’ the rest of the day!

We had three hours of group presentations yesterday…this is how I felt about them.

Lunch was another veggie sandwich and some crisps/chips…I don’t know what to call them. They were good, though.

I found Lu like this on our bed yesterday afternoon. She finds the coziest places to nap each day.

As soon as the workshop was over yesterday, I hopped on the treadmill and walked 3 miles, then started on dinner. I shared on social media that this meal was one of the best meals I’ve had – orange cauliflower. Think orange chicken, but with veggies. YUM. The recipe is HERE. I give this an 11/10. I will 100% be making this again. Jake loved it, too! I put our cauliflower over arborio rice and we had a salad on the side. I LOVED this meal.

I feel like I have been missing out. I JUST started Bridgerton last night. WOW. I love it. I may or may not have watched three episodes…I watched an episode while I walked on the treadmill, then one during dinner, and one more in bed. Just a few sleepy gals binging a little Netflix.

It’s still rainy and gross here, so that’s making me extra sleepy today. I stayed up late reading last night, so that doesn’t help. I feel an early bed time calling my name.

Happy Friday, friends!

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