Weekend Wrap-up!

What. A. Weekend! Each day was full of all the things I love – family, running, and sunshine. Friday morning started with the gym,  the last of our egg casserole, and the last day of the workshop I was in all week – YAY!

I was volunteered to present to our administration at the close of the workshop. I have never been more able to relate to Michael Scott. This meme sums up how I felt. It says, “Sometime I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.” Never were there truer words! I survived the presentation, then closed my laptop for the rest of the weekend! Happy dance.

I watched ALL of Bridgerton in two days, soooo, that was how I celebrated officially being on summer break, HA! I had a massive plate of deliciousness, too – a cut up apple, brown sugar, cinnamon, and PB2. YUM.

Dinner was the last of the orange cauliflower over rice. I loved this meal. So much. Recipe HERE. We put ours over rice and will definitely make this again.

Forced cuddles while binging Bridgerton.

Saturday morning started with a Trail Sisters run! Since we had gotten so much rain, we changed our location from trail to pavement. We want to keep all of our amazing trails in good condition, so we stay off of them when it rains a lot. We had a blast chatting and running. The rain held off, too, so the weather was incredible. My ankle didn’t bother me, either – it was a great day!

Someone else was pretty happy about running.

I dropped Rhea off at home and headed to get groceries. All. The. Plants. And. Fruit.

Lunch was another veggie sandwich with corn chips on the side. My name is Chelsea and I am addicted to chips of any kind…

I did a little meal prep Saturday afternoon, then took my book outside and enjoyed the sunshine for a little bit.

Jake and his Dad worked on our dining room when Jake got off work. When they finished, Jake and I headed out for dinner so we didn’t have to be in the house while the mud dried on the walls. It smells SO bad and makes me sick while it’s still wet, so I wanted out of the house ASAP. While I was getting ready, I found some kind of bug bite on my face. It doesn’t hurt, just a little itchy.

We went to Galloway – it had been WAY too long since we’d been there. I had the veggie burger and fries and it was delicious.

The ALMOST birthday girl got lots and lots of love before bed (not much unlike every other night…)

Sunday morning started with a run. Yes, Rhea, we are going on a run. No, Rhea, we will not leave you behind. She kept her paw on Jake, just in case her forgot about her.

Jake, Rhea, and I ran 4, then grabbed Lu from the house for 2 more miles. Family runs are the best runs.

Since Sunday was Lulu’s 8th birthday, I spent some time reminiscing about when she was just a little pup. I’ll save you the millions of pictures I have and share two of my favorites. This first one is from the first night I got her. It was storming and she was scared, so we laid on the kitchen floor at 4AM for about two hours. Look at that precious little face.

This was Lu’s first tutu and she looked adorable in it. She also took that monkey everywhere with her.

Lu-Girl, you’re the best. I love you, Lewis!

I laid out and read for almost THREE hours Sunday afternoon. It was wonderful. I had lunch somewhere in there, too – another open-faced veggie sandwich with corn chips.

The birthday girl was pretty worn out from her exciting day. We ran, visited my parents, played fetch, lounged outside…all the things. She snoozed before dinner.

Here’s the dining room after the guys finished the second coat of mud.

Here’s the before…there was only one light, the chandelier, so this room was pretty dark. And carpeted…and wallpapered.

We will put cabinets back in this space.

The wall on the left of this picture will eventually be gone, but for now, it’ll stay. We aren’t sure when we will redo the kitchen, but that’s at least a year or two down the road.

When the guys finished working, we all headed to The Pitch for dinner. It was delicious.

After dinner, we grabbed the birthday girl and the furry girl and headed to get ice cream.

I LOVE chocolate dip cones.

3 years ago TODAY we left the courthouse and headed to Colorado. While we were legally married on the 24th of May (today), we consider the 26th to be our anniversary since that’s when we had our wedding in Breckenridge. I can’t believe it’s our anniversary week! Jacob Ray, I sure do love doing life with you.

Whew, that was lengthy – that’s how you know it was a full weekend! <3

Happy Monday, friends!



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