Toasty + family time + celebrating!

I ran a few miles before the gym yesterday. It was SO hot and humid out, but felt amazing to be running outside in the sunshine.

By the time I left the gym, I was drenched. I had to run errands looking like this…

I was starving by the time I got home, so I had a bowl of potatoes, eggs, vegan sausage, black beans, and cheese. Still trying to mostly do gluten-free and meat-free leading up to our transfer this summer like my acupuncturist suggested. Eliminating those things is supposed to help with inflammation. So far, I haven’t missed anything. And actually, the thought of having meat kind of makes me feel sick, so this has been pretty easy. I’m a big believer in eating what fuels you and makes you feel good, so as long as I’m not miserable and/or feeling deprived, I’m going to stick with this. I feel really good – no heartburn, food doesn’t sit in my stomach or feel heavy…I think it’s helped with bloating, but the meds I’m on cause bloating, so it’s hard to tell for sure. I’m not as bloated as I was last time I was on these meds, so maybe it’s helping a little?

After we ate, we headed outside to enjoy the weather. We lounged in our new chairs and chatted while watching our girls play like crazies.

Jake had a hard workout run, so after lunch, he decided to take a short nap before work. We all decided to join him. I read while everyone else snoozed.

I had another interview with one of my participants last night, then had dinner after, which consisted of a veggie sandwich and corn chips. YUM.

Ignore my rubbed off spray tan, but the swelling has gone down on my ankle! It’s just bruised and a little tender now. I’m thankful I’m able to run on it. I’m almost glad it’s been raining so much because I haven’t had the option of running on trail right now.  Since trail is uneven and full of rocks and roots…all things that like to twist ankles, I think sticking to pavement is best for it right now while it heals.

Morning cuddles with Rhea. If she hasn’t jumped into bed with us around 3AM, she does the second my alarm goes off. She will stay and cuddle until I ask, “Ready to get up?”, then she’s sprinting to the door to go outside.

We are watching the weather and may go camping tonight, so if there’s no post tomorrow, that’s why! Our three year anniversary is tomorrow (5/26), so we are going to enjoy celebrating that. We have a fun dinner planned for Saturday to celebrate, but we also might try to sneak away for a bit today and tomorrow. We will see what happens!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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