Anniversary fun: Three years!

We have had the best anniversary week! It’s not over (YAY!), since we still have a fun dinner date planned for Saturday. We ended up not going camping since it’s been so rainy, but we had a blast relaxing and staying in town. Tuesday morning started with a breakfast bowl before the gym. I regretted the ketchup on my eggs when we started doing a bunch of high knees and skaters…

I ran a few errands after the gym, then had lunch – another veggie sandwich and corn chips.

After lunch, I worked in my office for a little bit. My two summer courses start June 7th, so I’m getting them all ready to go.  I love all the plants in here.

Jake and I had both been craving sushi, so we headed out to Niji Tuesday night. We had planned to go see a a movie, but as we were buying tickets, we saw that we could rent the movie for $20 and watch in our living room. We loved that idea, so that’s what we did after dinner!

I got these earrings from Walmart for $4. I love them.

We were both disappointed with our sushi and nigiri. We always have good meals here, so we were bummed we didn’t love everything.

After dinner, it was into jammies and on the couch to watch Wrath of Man. Such a good flick! We both loved this movie. It’s an action movie with a suspense. If you’re looking for a movie to go see, check this one out.

Wednesday was our actual anniversary, so we slept in a little and then relaxed in bed while sipping coffee.

I joined Jake for his ‘easy’ run…it was not easy for me, HA! But it felt good to push myself  a little. I am super proud of Jake and how much effort he is putting into his training. He just got a coach and has been busting his butt on every single run. It is inspiring to watch. He has a hundred coming up in October, so that is what he is training for right now. I wore my new Trail Sisters Springfield tank. I love how bright it is.

Mid-run stretch and water break for Rhea.

It was pretty toasty since we didn’t start until about 9AM. We were both drenched.

Jake did a little over 10 miles, but Rhea and I stopped running at 7 and walked one more mile back home. She was VERY ready to be inside with her water bowl.

After our run, we headed to Aviary for brunch. We sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine.

After brunch, we stopped by the river to play for a little bit, then just drove around for a few hours. It was SO nice and relaxing.

The happiest, windblown girls. They love car rides.

I failed to take any pictures at dinner, but we had dinner with our parents, which was a blast. We loved that they were all able to join us for dinner to celebrate our anniversary. When we got home, Jake walked into our room and couldn’t stop laughing. Lu had made herself a bed across both of our spots. He snapped this picture of her.

Happy Friday Eve, friends!


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