Weekend Wrap-up!

Thank you to those who made the ultimate sacrifice serving our great country. We remember and honor you today. Thank you, also, to those who continue to serve.

Friday afternoon, I had the most random lunch – GF bread, DF cheese, okra, and chips. YUM. I found some pickled okra at the store and it is the best okra I have ever had. It’s called Wickle’s Wicked Okra. It. Is. AMAZING. 1000000/10 recommend.

Post-gym couch cuddles with my furriest loves.

Can you spot Lu? She curled up in Jake’s pillows while I read before bed.

Saturday morning started with an egg scramble, a GF waffle, and a meatless sausage patty. I had forgotten how much I love egg and veggie scrambles.

I finished the table I was working on! My Mom told me that my Great Grandfather made this table for my Grandma, which made it even more special. I love that we are getting to repurpose it. I wish I could show it to my Grandma. She would love it.

Here it is before!

The table is now in our entryway. This picture from our wedding will hang above it. Jake….you ready to hang the first item on the walls we spent hours on????? I am…

I FaceTimed my favorite girl, but she was focused on FaceTiming with our pups, HA!

Jake and I had a dinner date at Harvest for our anniversary, so I showered and used an eye-mask I found in our bathroom.

I also had a snack – an apple with garlic and herb DF cheese (YUM), plus some pickles and okra. I cannot stop eating that pickled okra. I bought the jar on Friday and it’s almost gone…Jake hasn’t even gotten to try it yet…

It was chilly Saturday, so I broke out some boots. I LOVE these. They come up to my knees and have a slight heel, so they’re easy to walk in.


I also wore my favorite big earrings. I got these at Walmart for $4.97. They’re amazing. Super lightweight, which I love.

Thanks for letting me celebrate our anniversary all week long!! Happy three years, Jacob Ray! <3

We sat outside at Harvest, which we loved. We got to overlook their apple orchard. I was mostly focused on my handsome man.

Our food was delicious. This was a crostini with herbed butter.

We shared a radicchio salad, which was out of this world.

There’s a crab cake under all those greens – also amazing.

Jake’s entree was the lamb, which he said was incredible.

I had the potato gnocchi with mushrooms and it was outstanding.

Sunday morning started with me annoying my sweet Momma. I’m sure she loves when I do this. ; )

All that annoying worked up an appetite. This scramble has two eggs, DF cheese, mushrooms, and spinach. Topped with ketchup and Sriracha.

I cleaned the house, then spent about three hours outside reading. It was the best Sunday. I finished this book yesterday, “The Last Mrs. Parrish”. It was really good! I had a hard time getting into it – the first half, one of the character’s annoyed me to no end (which I think is the point), but I read the second half of the book in one day (yesterday). I recommend this book if you’re looking for a new read!

After enjoying the sunshine, I got ready to go celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday. While I waited for Jake to get home from work, I started another book. I had a bunch of recommendations for this one – it’s called “Verity”. I like it so far!! Can you tell I am enjoying my summer vacation and being able to read for fun? I should be reading research articles….but I don’t wanna.

I failed to get more pictures, but all the men cooked up lots of goodness for us last night – we had fried fish, fried pheasant, deer tenderloin, and ribs. Everything was incredible.

This was my first time eating meat in about a month. I couldn’t finish it all, (it sits heavy in my stomach since I’m not used to it), but I’m glad I tried everything!

Happy Monday, friends!

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