New rock! + you NEED this + some recent faves

This week we will finally make some head-way on our dirt work! Our poor front yard looks so terrible. We killed off the grass a few weeks ago, but then with all the rain, our dirt guy couldn’t do much, so we have just had this very ugly yard. But, something exciting happened yesterday – our landscaping rocks were delivered! I think we have been waiting for these for about two months…maybe longer. Here was the first load getting dropped off.

This rock is so pretty. There are some massive pieces in there. I can’t wait to see what our yard looks like when we are finished with it! It sure ain’t great right now…

I spent the morning on the computer; my summer classes officially started yesterday. I had a grilled cheese, corn chips, and half an avocado for lunch. I topped my avocado with my new favorite stuff – Wickles Wicked Jalapeño Relish. It is out of this world.

I found this at Mama Jean’s, but they also sell it on Amazon. I will never not have this stuff in my fridge. It’s that good.

Here’s a link to the relish. It’s not spicy!

They also make pickles. We love the spicy ones!

 Aaaaand pickled okra. I ate a whole jar of this okra in two days…

This girl and her belly rubs. If you walk by her and she’s on the ground, she will immediately flip over for a belly scratch.

Dinner was another plate full of buttered cabbage and a BBQ Shittake mushroom sandwich. I added the Wickles Jalapeño Relish to the sandwich – SO good.

I shared this last summer, but I have used this line for the past two summers and swear by it! This browning formula turns your tan the perfect dark brown. You can use it on top of sunscreen for a golden glow. I used it almost every day last summer and still had some left in the bottle. It lasts forever and really works well to give your skin the best color.

I also have the after sun lotion. I only use it after I’ve laid out and gotten a little but of color. I feel like it really does help seal in the color I gain from the browning oil. I used almost the whole bottle last summer.

I love this burn to brown gel. If you do happen to get a little too much sun, this helps relieve any discomfort you might have and it helps protect your skin. I haven’t peeled if I use this after a burn. I think I used maybe a third of this bottle last summer, so it lasts a long time.

I can’t speak to how this stuff works yet – it’s the darkest browning formula – I just ordered it, but I can’t wait to use it. It’s pricier than the other items, but I’m excited to try it out.

I got this headband the other week with an Amazon gift card I found. I love the boho look of it. It’s not tight, so it doesn’t give me a headache. Plus, it’s under $9…win-win!

I was kind of skeptical of this charger at first, but it works great. Jake’s phone charging port is broken, so he can’t use the cord charger anymore. He was having the worst time keeping his phone charged. We ordered this for him and it’s amazing. He just lays his phone on it and it charges. I kind of want one now…

If you know me, you know I hate regulary bras. They’re SO uncomfortable. I started wearing this Nubra Feather Light Bra about three years ago and I’ll never go back to a regular bra. This is my go-to bra and I order a new one each year. They’re $35 and the best money I’ve ever spent. Hands-down. They run true to size, too. I am usually between a C and D and get the C in this bra. I. Love. It. Ladies, if you hate regular bras, you’ll love this.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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