Podcasts & walks + errand date + front yard progress!

I have been trying to do a better job of walking with our girls. They NEED it. Lu can’t run long distances with us, but she LOVES being outside, so we’ve been trying to walk her and Rhea at least once a day. We walked three miles yesterday while listening to the Office Ladies podcasts. If you’re a fan of the show The Office, check out this podcast. They break down each episode and share personal details and funny tidbits. I love it.

Just two besties.

The guys doing our dirt work and some landscaping were able to start yesterday. They ripped out a bunch of old stuff that we didn’t want to keep and installed the limestone rock we picked out. Here’s a picture before they got started.

Jake and I ran a couple of errands yesterday and grabbed lunch while we were out. It was a fun little day date.

Here is what we have right now! Our front yard will be seeded, so it was tilled up and the limestone rocks were placed. Jake and I probably won’t plant anything till fall, but this is going to look SO much better once we are finished with it. I can’t wait to share progress with you! Our yard is not going to be pretty for awhile…

Jake wanted to make sure no water pooled around our house, so he built this pipe system for drainage. I think it’s pretty awesome. He’s smart.

There’s a chipmunk on the edge of the sidewalk taunting the girls, who were stuck inside the house.

We love the way the rock looks. We had fun walking across each rock last night.

Dinner was a bunch of finger foods. I started out with the plan to make meatless meatball subs, but as I got started on that, I decided I didn’t want them anymore, so we had meatless meatballs, gluten-free baguette, and all the best things from Wickles – okra, pickle chips, and jalapeño relish.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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