More yard progress + I didn’t chop it!! + my pineapple obsession continues…

I am really on a gluten-free pancake kick this week. YUM. Jake isn’t a huge pancake fan, but he hasn’t complained about having these every day…yet.

I ordered the dang wrong size (I forgot I had to get a new phone last summer…brain fart), but I am OBSESSED with this new Loopy Case. I have used a Loopy for at least a year now, maybe more. It’s my favorite phone case. I LOVE the loop on the back. I never drop my phone anymore and it’s so easy to hold onto for pictures, walking/running, or if your hands are full. If you’re in the market for a new case, check these out! Website HERE and you can use the code trailsandtruckers for 10% off! Just make sure you select the correct phone size… : )

Lunch was a grilled cheese with corn chips and half an avocado. I topped the avocado with the jalapeƱo relish I cannot stop eating. It was outstanding. I’ve been on my computer a lot this week working on conference proposals and my courses. I had one proposal accepted (YAY!), so I’ll be presenting at a conference in Georgia in the fall.

This is the relish. You need it. It’s not super spicy! Aaaaand it will change your life.

Here’s an update on our yard! They are almost finished with the dirt work up front, and then they will seed for us. They will also be working in our backyard, so I’ll share all those updates, too. (I keep saying ‘they’ because I can’t remember the name of the company. I will ask Jake and share). Jake and I can’t wait to get the outside of our house painted (anyone know a good house painter????) and plant some fun things in our flower beds. It’s so hard to be patient!

I got a hair cut yesterday. As tempted as I was to chop it all off, I refrained. Jake is under strict orders to talk me out of the chop whenever I get to that point. It’s usually in the summer when I want to chop my hair off…it’s just so dang hot and my hair weighs at least 42 pounds. ; ) One of the stylists at the salon yesterday told me that she had never seen anyone with so much hair. HA! I told her it is definitely a lot to deal with it, but it’s almost easier when it’s longer because I can braid it or just throw it up.

Any other tea lovers out there? My current favorites are spearmint and peppermint. I love a hot cup of tea before bed…I’m embracing my inner 80 year old. She’s awesome.

The clouds were gorgeous last night. I love looking at clouds. Jake always tells me what kind they are. He obviously paid attention during science class…I, however, did not.

I have a 90-minute massage later and cannot wait. I am trying a new place, so will let you know how it went. So many spas are booked really far out right now, so I wanted to check out a different one that was able to get me in right away.

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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