Back on the team! + double date night fun + Lu & her pillow hatred…

I am SO stoked to be back on team rad rabbit for another year! Now to find some races…

I knocked out a couple hours of computer work, then took a little laying out/reading break before lunch.

Lunch was one of my faves – a grilled cheese (DF and GF) and some corn chips.

For dinner, we met Dawn (my birth mom) and Mitch at Galloway. It had been WAY too long since we had all gotten together. I had the tuna steak sandwich (sans bun) and fries. I snapped this very blurry picture of my delicious meal.

We always have the best time with these two! So thankful we live close to all the special people in our lives.

After dinner, we met some more of our neighbors and then did one last round of watering our yard. Come on, grass!! Please grow.

Lu hates pillows. I don’t know where this hatred came from, but she has hated them since she was a little pup. We walked into our room to see this…it made me laugh really hard.

After I watered our yard this morning, I was folding laundry in my office before taking the girls on a walk. Rhea stared at me from the doorway until we left. Our dogs are such hot messes.

I get to take my niece to swimming lessons this morning! I can’t wait to watch her. She cracks me up and I’m sure will be adorable in the pool.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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