Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend had a bunch of great things: Father’s Day fun, I hit the jackpot on another free thing, and lots of relaxing, but there was also one big negative – our girls caught a virus. It was a rough 48 hours! They’re both doing MUCH better now.

I told you I cannot stop eating anything Wickles makes…the okra and the jalapeño relish are my favorites. I also found some spicy red sandwich spread. It is delicious, too!

You can find them below or locally at Mama Jeans – here’s the jalapeño relish. It’s not spicy!

Here are the pickled okra – SO amazing.

This has the perfect amount of spice to it. It would be delicious on a veggie sandwich, a BLT, or even just a sandwich with turkey and cheese.

Wickles pickles are also super delicious. Basically anything they make is incredible.

I had the spicy red sandwich spread with my grilled cheese the other day and it was AMAZING.

Jake has been training like crazy, so he told me he needed some snacks. I went to Sam’s and stocked up! All. The. Snacks.

I called our vet early Friday morning and told her what was going on with the girls. She said it sounded like a virus, so she gave me some meds to try (they both were having bloody stools and vomiting, so I was worried). I fasted them for about 12 hours, which Lu was NOT happy about. Late Friday afternoon, I gave them some white rice, which they managed to keep down. They both slept a lot, which I hoped was a good sign.

By Saturday morning, they both seemed WAY better, so I took them on a short 1 mile walk.

I dropped the girls after a mile and went back out for a few miles on my own.

Lunch was chickpea tuna salad, corn chips, and an avocado half.

My Dad never lets any of us pay for our own meals when we’re with him, much less pay for his, but I told him I was taking him out for lunch on Father’s Day and that he didn’t get to argue about it. I really laid down the law! He had some sass when I asked him where he wanted to go. HA! He cracks me up.

I love prepping big batches of things that we can just scoop into tortillas or throw on a couple pieces of bread. Both Jake and I love egg salad, so I made some to get us through the next few days.

Dinner Saturday night – avocado, green beans, GF croissant, and egg salad. YUM.


The bed thief. She’s usually in Jake’s spot, but occasionally she’ll try to steal mine.

This is what I woke up to Sunday morning. Rhea’s foot and tush in my face.


Lu really wanted my breakfast Sunday morning. I think now that she’s getting boiled chicken and rice, she thinks she’s entitled to all human food…

Since the girls seemed to be doing so much better, I took them on a two mile walk Sunday morning. I think they’re just about back to normal! Thank. Goodness. I hated seeing them both so sick.


After our walk, I saw that our neighbors had an elliptical out on the side of the road with a “FREE” sign attached to it. I couldn’t believe it. I stopped by their house and asked if it worked, they said it did and even helped me wheel it over to our house! I have been hitting the jackpot on free things lately! I got our patio furniture from another neighbor who was throwing it all away – it looks brand new! And now this elliptical. I was so excited!

Thank you, neighbors!!

If you’ve been following along for awhile, you know we love Sriracha at our house. These Sriracha almonds are delicious.

For lunch, my parents and I went to Druff’s (a grilled cheese place here in town). Since I’m gluten-free and dairy-free right now, I was thankful they had an all-day breakfast menu! I had a bowl with eggs, hash browns, avocado, jalapeño, bacon, and a side of vegan cream cheese. It was SO good.

Happy Father’s Day to the best out there! I love you, Daddy Waddy. Thank you for always being there for me (and for letting me buy lunch). <3

After lunch, I crawled into bed to read for a little bit. Lu sat on Jake’s pillows and judged me.

I got all the pup cuddles while we waited for Jake to get home from work.

We went to Jake’s parents’ house for dinner. I failed to take pictures, but did manage to snap this one of my cute sister-in-law and myself. The Chelseas…watch out! ; )

Happy Monday, friends!

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