Bean burrito obsession + new bag + yard update!

If you haven’t had the bean and cheese burrito from Burrito Kitchens, you have not lived. I found these burritos (in other flavors) at Mama Jeans probably about a year ago and they have been a favorite ever since. I recently discovered their bean and cheese burrito and LOVE it. They also have a really good chicken fajita burrito, a veggie burrito, and Jake loves their chorizo burrito. If you like frozen burritos, check these out.

I also love these sweet potato tortilla chips. They’re a little thicker, so they have a great crunch. I also get these at Mama Jeans.

Vintage Boho Bags, a company I found on Instagram, had a massive flash sale about two weeks ago. VBB takes vintage LV bags and fixes them up. They also add all kinds of fun detail to each bag. The deals in the flash sale were SO SO good. I snagged one of the sale purses and it came in the mail yesterday. I was SO excited. I love anything with fringe. I also love a good sale. The strap is a long piece of braided leather, which might be my favorite part of the bag. Their regular bags are super pricey, but if you can catch a flash sale, you can find some good deals!

Dinner last night – chicken (plant-based) nuggets and tots – a childhood dream! I saw these at the store yesterday and just knew we needed them.

YUM. I had one nugget left on my plate when I went to get something from the kitchen and came back to it being gone…soooo, one of our girls helped themselves. I’ve never seen either of them do that before, so I wasn’t sure who to get onto. They’re lucky they’re cute.

We had some overripe bananas, so I made a loaf of banana bread. I added chocolate chips – SO good. I also only had two bananas and the recipe called for four, so I added in about a half cup of applesauce to make up for the other half of bananas. The bread is super good! I can’t find the recipe…if I do, I’ll share it.

We have a couple of spots that may have gotten scorched when it was so hot last week, so we will need to put a little more seed down in those areas, but overall, our front yard is looking much better!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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