Jake always steals my spot + this book was phenomenal + delicious brownies

After the gym yesterday, I had an hour long meeting, then chowed down on some leftovers from Sunday night. This Chicken Zucchini Pasta Skillet meal (HERE) is delicious even leftover. I shared in an Instagram story yesterday that I am still learning things every single day in my new job. I’ve been there a little over a year, but there is SO much I don’t know. In my meeting yesterday, everyone kept talking about AFIs….AFI this, AFI that. After about 30 minutes, I had to interrupt and ask what AFI stood for. AFI = areas for improvement. HA! There are so many dang acronyms in education…

After my meeting, I knocked out a bunch of grading, then grabbed my book to relax a little bit. Jake stole my spot while I was in the kitchen getting a snack, so I just sat on top of him and read. He eventually fell asleep, which made me laugh. I guess it didn’t bother him too much that I was sitting on him.

Lu got a little snooze of her own in.

I finished this book last night and it might go in my list of top 5. I LOVED it. So much. I don’t want to give anything away, but it’s about a family that lives on an elephant sanctuary when tragedy strikes. If you’re looking for a good read, this is it! I cannot say enough good things about this book.

I made brownies last night with chocolate chips and marshmallows. They’re delicious. I couldn’t finish this one because it was so rich. That’s how you know they’re good!

Our girls splash water all over the place when they’re drinking. I got tired of wiping it up, so I ordered a splash mat. We got the gray in XL and it’s perfect for their water bowl and two food bowls. No more water all over our floor!

This is the dress I got my Mom for her birthday. The material is super lightweight and flowy. I almost ordered one for myself, too…maybe I will have to!

I use this lash primer every day before putting on my mascara and it really helps give my lashes volume and length. I only use it on my top lashes. It seemed to make my bottom lashes super clumpy.

This is my new favorite mascara. I shared a few weeks ago that I had found it while looking for a slightly less expensive version of the $25+ mascara I had been using (Damn Girl by Two Faced). I found this one and LOVE it. Plus, it’s under $9! Yes, please.

This is my go-to bra. I am not a regular bra fan, so I’ve been wearing a NuBra for about three years. So comfy. I will sometimes wear a bralette or bandeau over it, too. Mine last about a year, so I get a new one each year. I also wear mine just about every day, so I definitely get my use out of them. I ordered two this year – one in black and one in nude, so I’m sure alternating between the two will make them last a little bit longer.

This is my current favorite headband. It isn’t tight, so doesn’t give you a headache, plus, it can go with anything.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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