Short & sweet + a fun date night

I went to the gym yesterday morning, then came home and had another meeting. After my meeting I ate a quick lunch, then spent the rest of the day on the computer. I have started building the classes I’ll be teaching in the fall. I have taught all three of them before, so I just have some minor tweaks to make to them. I enjoy every class I have taught/am currently teaching, so I am extra thankful for that. I am also getting to know my students a lot better since I have many of them again and again in each of the different courses I teach.

I guess I wasn’t in a picture taking mood yesterday because I only have three pictures to share with you. Jake and I had a date night at home last night. Jake picked up wings and I made mac and cheese. We watched Blue Streak (for free on Peacock) while we ate and it was hilarious. Jake had seen it before, but I hadn’t. It was a nice relaxing night at home. We also get both blue cheese and ranch when we order wings. I’m a ranch girl and Jake loves blue cheese.

We took a walk break about half-way through the movie. It was nice to get up and move a little, plus, the girls always love a good walk.

Rhea ran early this morning with Jake then crawled back into bed with me when they got home. She is really living her best life. We haven’t been running with her as much as we normally do because Jake’s schedule is still a little wonky and most days he runs in the crazy afternoon heat – I don’t know how he does this. I have taken a little break from running, so I’ve just been walking the girls, which I have really been enjoying. Exciting news – Jake should be back on a normal schedule in about two weeks or so! YAY! He has been working nights (Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 4PM to midnight) for over a year now. He likes some things about his current schedule, but it’s hard for him to find time to run/ride with friends, so I know he’ll be excited to get back into that once he’s working Monday – Friday days again. It’ll also be nice for him to have his weekends back. Right now, he works 8AM-4PM on the weekends. It’ll be quite the change when his hours go back to normal.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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