Our latest project + my go-to for air drying my hair + when a toy becomes a doorstop…

I can’t remember if I shared this project with you or not…our latest project, which happened a few months ago, was our laundry room bathroom. This is the before picture from when our house was listed for sale. I can’t find the before pictures that I took, but this one works. There wasn’t too much for us to do in here for right now – I think we will eventually redo this whole bathroom, but it’s in great shape, so that isn’t a priority right now. This bathroom will become our full-time bathroom when we start the remodel on our master bath and hallway bath. They share a wall, and we are making the hallway bath bigger, so they’ll both be out of commission during that remodel. I think Jake is planning to start on that in October/November.

We just did a few things to make this space look a little bit better. First, we painted the ceiling and walls back when we painted the kitchen and laundry room. That alone helped make the bathroom look better. Jake spray painted the shower door and light fixture black, which I love. He also lined the mirror with a border. I painted the cabinet and doors and replaced the hinges and hardware. Oh, and Jake also replaced the faucet. All those small changes helped to make a big difference.

This is my new book – The Masterpiece by Francine Rivers. I am about a fourth of the way through it and loving it so far!

These are my go-to hair products. I have super thick, kind of coarse hair, so these help keep things moisturized. I got rid of my diffuser, so I just let my hair air dry when I wash it. The only time I use heat on my hair is when I straighten it, and in the summer, that doesn’t happen very often. I mix these two together and scrunch them through my hair. I will sometimes add mousse if I am going somewhere that same day, but if I’m just staying home, I just use these two.

Not the best picture, but my hair is about halfway dry here. Both of those products cut down on the frizz, which I desperately need, and they make my hair feel soft, which is no easy feat.

Here’s the argan oil.

Here’s the leave-in conditioner.

 Rhea steals toys from Lu, then sets them on our coffee table and naps. She loves to sleep with her nose resting on the coffee table, too.

Lu kept crying in our living room yesterday and I could not figure out why. I finally saw that Jake had used one of her tennis balls as a doorstop since this door is open all the time while we work on the dining room. We don’t normally use this door since it will eventually be closed off when we take out a wall later, so it’s strange to have it open right now. The girls are not happy that Jake used one of their toys as a door stop…I caught Rhea trying to take the ball off the door last night…stay tuned. It could get interesting. HA!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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