Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend was spent doing some of our favorite things – relaxing, a date night, and fun with family and friends. Rewinding to Friday, here’s a little update on our front yard progress! The grass is really coming up now. We have a few areas that need to be reseeded, but we kind of assumed we wouldn’t have a pretty yard again until next summer. It has definitely been a process, but it looks much better than it did before. Now to tackle our backyard…we are waiting on some concrete work…not very patiently waiting, either (mostly me…I am VERY impatient). I am SO ready to be able to use our patio again. I will share all about that project once it gets started…which I hope is this week.

I did a little meal prep for Jake Friday evening – burrito bowls with Spanish rice, black beans, chicken, and cheese. I usually just use white or brown rice, but switched things up when I saw Spanish rice on sale (I love sales). Jake said the Spanish rice was extra delicious. Jake’s schedule is bonkers right now. He is in the middle of a training cycle for his next hundred in October, so he is running at least an hour every day…Friday of this week he has a FIVE hour run…he’s amazing and a little crazy. So between training, his busy work schedule, and working on the house, he’s stretched pretty thin right now. His work schedule SHOULD switch back to Monday-Friday 7:30AM-4PM within the next two weeks – YAY! So I hope that allows him to have a little more down time. He’s been working nights for a little over a year now.

I had a very easy dinner Friday night – toast with jelly and spinach tortellini. I enjoyed this while watching The Crown. I just started it and LOVE it already. I do have to watch it with subtitles because I was having a hard time understanding everything. Anyone else a fan?

I have been giving these two their calming treats since Friday because there were lots of fireworks happening. They REALLY helped them stay calm and not get too anxious.

These are the treats. Our girls love them and I think they truly help. They also help with separation anxiety and nervousness when it storms. I give these to our girls when there is a lot of loud thunder.

They make them for cats, too.

 I woke up to this smiling face Saturday morning.

Jake and I had a date night at The Pitch Saturday when he got home from work. After dinner, we came home and started watching the original Jaws because I had never seen it. I know, I’ve been missing out. It’s a classic! We are about halfway through. It’s pretty good for a 1975 film.

Sunday morning started with all this deliciousness before taking the girls on a walk.

3 miles with my furbabes while listening to a podcast. I am STILL loving The Office Ladies.

Lunch post-walk was a sandwich, chips, and the yogurt I didn’t eat at breakfast.

My family always goes to Highland Springs for the Fourth. We have a big group that meets up to spend the evening together and it is always such a blast. The food is delicious, too. It’s impossible to keep bbq beans from getting all over the rest of your food…Highland had burgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken, ribs, beans, corn, lots of fruit, delicious desserts…it was all super tasty.

This is my friend, Adrienne. We have been friends since we were basically babies. Lifelong friendships are the best friendships. <3

My favorite mother/daughter combo.

My best guy.

Happy Monday, friends!

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